HP Deneuve Tuxedo Shirt – Final

All I had left to do today was finish up the sleeves and cuffs. The pattern comes with long, elbow-length and short sleeves. I wanted more of a 3/4 sleeve so I cut 8.5″ off the long sleeve – 2″ of which I would have to shorten anyway since I’m short. I’m really, really happy with this length. It gives me some sun protection but is still cool. I used the cuff for the elbow-length sleeve and just shortened the ends a little which worked perfectly since I didn’t want it too snug.

For those of you who hate making sleeve plackets, you’re in luck. This pattern comes with a 2-piece sleeve with a seam at the opening edge – how easy is that?


Some of you asked about sizing for this pattern. I normally use a size 6 (with adjustments) in HP but here I wanted a more oversized fit so I used an 8 and brought the shoulders in 5/8″. For reference, I use an 8 in The Big Four and Simplicity. I always feel it’s good to have extra ease with linen and this was the easiest way to get it. Since HP is drafted for someone 5’7″ and I’m 5’3″, I always have to shorten everything (except pants because I’m longer legged). That being said, I did not shorten this top because I wanted something that would cover my derriere if I was wearing it over a swimsuit.

I really love this style and it’s easy to sew – a winning combination in my book! Next up will be the dress – probably in white but we’ll see. Right now I’m off to have a poolside Margarita!


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19 responses to “HP Deneuve Tuxedo Shirt – Final

  1. Very pretty! The color is lovely.

  2. Gorgeous top and love the cuff detail.

  3. It’s a lovely color but this is one of those times when I wish I could actually see it on you! However, I’ve been thinking that I want to add a tunic or two to my wardrobe so I will look at this pattern again.

  4. Meredith P

    Ditto on the sleeve/cuff information. Very nice!

  5. That is so fabulous! I have this pattern – I need to make it up with a great brown linen I have. I think it would also look cool in black with a white bib.

  6. Sally

    Gorgeous, as always. I’m going to have to order this one. Looking forward to whatever is next on your list.

  7. Super cute! Love the color and sleeve modification.

  8. like raspberry sherbet! I love it.
    And thanks for all the great details & tips.

  9. Gorgeous. You did a great job.

  10. A very pretty color and nice style.

  11. Julie

    I am sewing the same shirt this weekend. I found the HP instructions too minimal so in frustration I turned to the internet for help and discovered your blog. Thanks for the photos. It did help me to see what I did wrong. I feel the pattern designers should give more visual instructions. Perhaps more drawings. Mine didn’t come out as perfect as yours but I may wear it once or twice. Or I might call it a muslin and try again with a different fabric.

  12. Rebecca

    The color of this linen makes me swoon. And your workmanship is so inspiring. This pattern will make the rotation sometime this summer. Thanks for the info on the sizing.

  13. Lexley

    Absolutely STUNNING!! Just luv the fabric…I am going to now source this pattern too! As usual, your tips are just the best….thanks Lexley W.

  14. summersetbanks

    Perfect – it looks cool and elegant, just right for a cover up with out that “I’m wearing a beach towel” feeling.

  15. That’s a really great shirt. Love it. It’s tunic-like. I must get that pattern.

  16. Love it Gigi! Good advice on making linen a looser fit, I’ll remember that.

  17. Auntie Allyn

    Goodness, your topstitching on those cuffs is amazing!!! Fabulous shirt!

  18. Lexley-Brisbane Australia

    Hi Gigi
    How are you? I have been watching your blog but obviously you are very busy with your new job! Congratulations, but for us, we miss you!!!
    I am tackling the instructions for this shirt (very minimilistic to say the least!) and just need to know if you fully interfaced the cuffs? Also, does ‘close out the short angle ends’ on the cuff mean ‘sew the ends together’? Lordy, I have never had so many issues with reading instructions before. I have also made 3/4 sleeves but am doing the shirt. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
    Kindest regards