Bird Blouse

I finished up my voile “bird blouse” today. I just love it, it is going to be so cool to wear this summer. Again, the pattern is Simplicity 3786, which I have made several times before. This was a Summer 2009 favorite! The fabric came from Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics.


My favorite part of the pattern is the tucked front. I press-mark these tucks, making sure to measure carefully, because they are difficult to mark well on these lightweight fabrics.


As to the Wax Incident, I was able to get the wax out but not the remaining ring and stain so the dress is history. No worries, I’m over it now and will make it again after the 4th.

Last Sunday, I removed the drill cover from my pressing board and discovered that the wax had not only bled through both layers of drill but also through my padding so I was forced to start from scratch. Once I get the padding on the board I staple the first layer of drill on. The 2nd layer is then duct-taped on. When it gets dirty, I don’t have the tedious task of removing staples and can easily pull the cover off. I bought my drill at JoAnn’s and it is about the worst quality I have ever used. Get it somewhere else if you can.


Parting shot: A little unemployment humor from today’s Miami Herald. I’ve had a lot of experience with the latter in my personal life so it made me LOL! 😉



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31 responses to “Bird Blouse

  1. Helen K

    I love your blouse, Gigi. Lovely work as always.

  2. Cissie Wellons

    What a pretty blouse. Looks like summer to me, and with these ungodly temperatures right now, it will be perfect.

  3. What a beautiful shirt.

  4. I like the new blouse. Bummer about the wax–I hate it when stuff like that happens.

  5. That’s a great blouse Gigi!

  6. Patti

    Beautiful blouse, fabric, and sewing.

    What is the size of your pressing board? What do you use for padding? I’ve been wanting to make one, too.

  7. Great blouse. I love the tucks and the sleeves. It will be nice for summer when you want to be covered and cool.

  8. Meredith P

    Beautiful blouse! Bummer about the press board. I love mine and would be heartbroken if it had to be redone. What are you using for padding? Years ago, I got waffle pad and wool batting from Oregon Tailors Supply in Portland, OR (in person while attending Palmer/Pletsch-lucky me).

  9. I LOVE that fabric… Beautiful blouse :)))

  10. The blouse is beautiful!

  11. Mary

    That is a beautiful blouse-the fabric, the care shown with the pintucks, the stitching. May I copy the picture for my inspiration file?

  12. Lindsay T

    That is the best summer blouse! I want one.

  13. Els

    Your new blouse is lovely.

  14. This shirt is absolutely stunning. Glad you conquered the wax incident!

  15. I’m enchanted!
    I just found our site through my rss feed.
    Your technique (and style) is incredible.
    I’ve been stuck on empty for the last several months, but I still love seeing a well made piece… I rreeallyy need to get back behind the wheel or the machine as it were…;-)

  16. Definitely my favourite blouse from your collections – perfect blending of fabric and cut.

  17. Your blouse is lovely. I am sorry to hear that the dress was ruined. I was really looking forward to seeing it finished!

  18. I love Love LOVE that blouse! The fabric is awesome and just perfect for this pattern. Don’t ya love when things come together like this?

  19. Fabulous shirt. The fabric is gorgeous!

  20. RobbieK

    Love it!

  21. Rosie

    You creations are impeccable work! Love the blouse! Yikes – sorry about the pressing board issue. I empathize with you about the unemployment humor in the Miami Herald as I go through the same thing.

  22. Well, that blouse is a treasure. What a beautiful creation…makes me want to run out and do one right now (that and the hot HOT weather!) It just looks like it’s so cool and anyone wearing it has to be cool!

    Oil – yeah, been there done that – sorry about the dress, but then at least we get to make it up again, whereas most people (who don’t sew) are just stuck – or they can hire me to make it up for them (and I’ve done that before)

    Love your cartoon – please save me from the sycophants of the world!!!

  23. Summerset

    Such a beautiful, cool looking blouse. I can see why this is a favorite pattern.

    Ugh, yeah, I’ve dealt with all sort of stains like that, not fun!

  24. Just gorgeous, Gigi. Perfect in every way

  25. Vmar

    Just lovely!
    What kind of interfacing did you use? Was it fusable? I find the glue will bleed through sheer fabrics so I am always a little wary.

  26. Vmar

    I forgot to mention a trick for oil stains. Throw cornstarch or baby powder on it about 1/4 inch deep and let sit for 24 hr. I used to work in the leather fashion industry and when we girls would get salad dressing on our suede skirts it always did the trick. I have used it on other fabrics too quite successfully. As for wax freezing then scraping can work.I know this is all too late info but it might help in the future.

  27. Janice

    Lovely blouse! Gigi, what do you mean by “press-mark?”. How do you do that? Thanks.

  28. Love the blouse! I might have to try to get my hands on a copy of that pattern. It gets really hot here in the summer and I’d love to have something breezy and cool but long sleve to protect me from the sun.