McCall’s 5860 – Part II

The pattern has been fitted and altered and the fabric cut and fused. I don’t know how much sewing, if any, I will get done today. I am this close to being ready to lay sod where the old stone patio was (not fun digging up all of those rocks, let me tell you). Frankly, it is hot as blazes and I just want to finish! I have decided no more yardwork until the fall. Everything I am able to see when I’m in the pool will look good – the rest can wait until it cools off.


This fabric is really cool. I cut everything from the backside because the stripes made it so easy to keep everything lined up. This came from Cynthia’s in Tamarac.



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5 responses to “McCall’s 5860 – Part II

  1. Meredith P

    This is going to be a neat jean jacket.

  2. That is perfect fabric for the pattern!

  3. JustGail

    Nice fabric! I whole-heartedly agree with not pushing ahead with the rest of the yard until fall. The sod will most likely do better if put in then anyway. At least that’s the case here in Iowa.

  4. Excited to see the finished product.

  5. Racheal Nowland

    That is great fabric you are using to make your jacket with. It’s great to see that you are taking the time and effort with this, cause i am sure all the little things you are doing with make a fantastic looking jacket in the end. Have fun in your pool :o)