HP Deneuve Heirloom Shirt – Final!

I’m so happy that I finally finished this up last night! With all of the other things going on it felt as if I’d never have time to get it done.


I added a Swiss insertion at the side seam for fun.


My original plan had been to have a gathered sleeve but I didn’t like the way it looked during fitting so I opted for a tuck on each side of the opening instead.


I was going to start on the new HP Kaleidoscope blouse next but I think I’ll make a quick dress first. It’s unbearably hot right now and I’d like to have a cool dress or two to toss on.

Things have slowed down on the landscaping front. We are exhausted and just enjoying the fruits of our labor. When I came home last Friday, Bryan was waiting for me with a surprise: a double Christmas palm that had been on my wish list for this corner of the house! I’ve planted it with Coontie (Zamia pumila) which is a Florida native and related to the Cardboard Plant that I love so much. I was kind of limited here because of the meter but I think this is going to look really nice when the plants mature.


I have some pretty flowers blooming too! Here’s the “Drunken Sailor” (quisqualis indica) in the courtyard:


and the beautiful Siam tulips (curcuma) behind the waterfall out back:


Parting shot: Someone’s very mad at her mother! Jess’ girlfriend, Dr. Kelly, gives her long-haired cats a lion cut every summer so I let her shave Ricki too. Ricki is not happy about it (but how cute are her little Ugg boots?)! We’ll just call it payback for what she’s done to my couches…



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34 responses to “HP Deneuve Heirloom Shirt – Final!

  1. Rosie

    Well – don’t be surprised that I love this blouse. I really need to come down and spend time with you. I’m sure everyone else will love it as much as I do.

    The backyard and plants are just gorgeous!

    If I were Ricki I would be as mad as hatter. She is quite a cute lion :o). No wonder she keeps messing with your couch.

  2. Beth

    Hi Gigi,
    Love your beautiful sewing, I come to this site for inspiration.
    I just want to know, how in the heck to you hold a cat still to give him a haircut?
    Thanks for all your sharing.

    • Anesthesia! She’s a very laid-back kitty anyway so she went under without a fight. I should have clipped her nails while she was out!

  3. Meredith P

    Love the shirt, beautiful details. Proves that I *could* do heirloom for myself. I love heirloom sewing, but not much of an outlet.

    Isn’t it amazing how wrinkly and loose their skin is? Of course it needs to be, when you think how agile they are. Just remind her that it will grow back…and how many mats she won’t get 🙂

  4. Your shirt is beautiful, Gigi – better than the original inspiration pic! Nice to see how up-to-date an heirloom sewing garment can be.

  5. The shirt is incredible! And so perfect for the hot summer sun right now.

  6. CGCouture

    I love the details on the shirt, very pretty! LOL @ your kitty…our long-haired cat used to get the same haircut every year too. Seemed to take him about a week to stop pouting about it too, LOL!

  7. That is one pissed off looking kitty! I’m trying not to laugh at her, because I know I would get the exact same response from my dog Hoover if I did that to him!

    That top is so gorgeous. I love the insertion on the side seams!

  8. That is a great blouse! Not only is it beautiful, it looks so cool and comfortable!

  9. Oh my! Fantastic job on the blouse!

  10. JoyJoy

    Love the blouse, gorgeous… I’m so inspired to get sewing. So cool to wear in hot weather. Also love the little Uggs on your kitty. Adorable, but knowing cats I’m sure she doesn’t think so. I wish I could have a beautiful palm in my yard, but it would freeze up during the winter here in Canada. Thanks for all your sharing. Look forward to your next projects.

  11. Gorgeous blouse !

    Apologize to Ricki for me please – I laughed before I could help myself 🙂
    Are you ‘sure’ the couches aren’t payback for the haircut rather than the other way round – LOL

  12. What an absolutely exquisite blouse!

  13. Love the blouse! It looks perfect for a hot Florida day. We are about to shave our very long haired black cat as she has a hard time keeping the knots out of her fur. I’m sure she’ll be mad as well. What a good laugh I had at that picture!

  14. Gail D.

    Gigi, outstanding blouse! I have a question tho–will that fabric wrinkle? It looks like a fabric that would wrinkle like crazy, and I refuse to iron anything!

    Gail D.

  15. Jan

    The blouse is beautiful. I’m loving all the details that make it look so feminine. The lace is just perfect.

    We used to shave our long haired cat every summer. He was such a big, lazy thing, he didn’t mind one bit. It was strange to watch the hair grow in a different color, and magically change back to black when completely grown in. I don’t know if cats like it, but it sure cuts down on the matting.

  16. This is a really, really lovely blouse. It just looks so well made. Wonderful job. I want it for my closet!

  17. I love the cat Uggs!

    The tunic is gorgeous and just perfect for South Florida. Just the thing for lounging with a mojito and enjoying the new landscape.

  18. Heather

    Love your blouse and your impeccable sewing, as usual.

    Your cat looks awesome, I can’t stop laughing!

  19. What a beautiful blouse! I love the entredeux treatment. I have to go back and re read your other posts about it.

    I am horrified that you keep a drunken sailor in your courtyard, and the cat made me LOL.

  20. From the sublime – your blouse and your garden – to the absurd – poor Ricki! LOL! I wish I could show Ricki’s picture to my cats so they’d realize how lucky they are!

    But seriously, I think the blouse is fantastic. The insertion in the side seams is a perfect detail.

  21. subversivesewer

    My 6 year old daughter and I are laughing at the kitty’s haircut! I wish I knew how to do that to our 2 long haired cats! they are messy!

  22. Belinda (Sew-4-Fun)

    Such a pretty blouse!

  23. cidell

    I was so distracted laughing at the cat that I almost forgot to comment on the gorgeousness of the blouse. Thank you for explaining so well a new to me technique!

  24. Poor kitty! I’d be mad too. The blouse is TDF though.

  25. summersetbanks

    The shirt is so beautiful – definitely heirloom stuff. I love the side seam insert. Your yard is fabulous! I haven’t forgot all those years in FL and the bright tropical plants. The cat, well, I can understand why it would be mad, but really, it must be a bit cooler for the animal.

  26. I’m soooooo loving that shirt! The attention to detail really sets it apart!

  27. This shirt is amazing. The bib and the side seam insertion are so beautiful. Wow, fantastic work!

  28. The finished shirt is lovely! I’m a pushover for white linen. All the details you inserted make it truly unique.

  29. JustGail

    Beautiful blouse, just looking at it makes me feel cooler.

    Poor Ricki! I’ve threatened to shave my big moose, but he’d get some serious revenge, and he needs some protection from the girls who still have their claws.

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