Simplicity 2369 again and again

I loved this pattern so much that I decided to make another in this pink/camel paisley that so many of us bought from Lucy’s Fabrics about 5 years ago. This time I used the flutter sleeves for variety. This one is just perfect with little gold flats for running errands in this heat.


Being a repeat offender, I couldn’t resist making the elbow-length banded sleeve version in a marbled rayon/lycra (also from Lucy’s) for “fall”. Fall will be here on the calendar well before the temps ever reflect it’s arrival! I finished this in a couple of hours this afternoon. It still needs hemming but I’ll do that tomorrow while I’m cooking dinner.


This print was also offered in a coordinating chiffon so I used that for the ties and just made them a bit longer to take advantage of the drapiness of the fabric.


I know it’s weird that I’ve made three dresses from the same pattern but, aside from the surplice neckline, they won’t look like the same pattern to a non-sewer. Besides, half of the dresses in my closet have a surplice neckline! Now that I have a couple of new, cool summer dresses, I can move on to the next project! And, of course, I am planning jacket #8…


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15 responses to “Simplicity 2369 again and again

  1. Colleen P.

    sigh…I’m such a slacker, I haven’t made a new garment in months and here you’ve done 4 dresses in the last week!

    I have got to get my act together!

  2. Jan

    Lovely dresses! It’s very smart to make more than one dress with this pattern. They seem very wearable and versatile, as they can be dressed up with heels and jewelry, or just sandals to the market. That works for me.

  3. Heather

    Wow, I can’t believe you’ve done all this sewing since I last visited! You are an amazing stitcher. Now I am looking at that Butterick wrapped-front pattern, I believe Butterick is on sale over at

  4. Heather

    Ok, just noticed that it is NOT a Butterick pattern and to make it worse, Butterick is NOT on sale over at sewingpatterns!!! I just wish some people would check their facts before they put fingers to keyboard! Sorry about that.

  5. Can’t decide which one I like best. They are both easy to wear, stylish dresses.

  6. Both dresses look great. Amazing, what difference a fabric can make.

  7. Auntie Allyn

    Well heck, your dresses look so fabulous that I think I’m gonna have to pick up this pattern myself. I’m a sucker for a wrap dress!

  8. Emmy

    Gigi, love the surplice top. I’ve had some difficulty finding a wrap style that works with my D cup. I’m going to try this one as it seems to more skim over the bust rather that accentuate it too much, if you know what I mean.

    You are inspiring, as always.

  9. Rosie

    Gigi – they all look fantastic! I will have to try this pattern with a major FBA.

  10. Repeat offender, LOL~~~ No offense in this bunch 🙂

  11. Love your fabric choices… they are such great dresses and you would never know that they were the same pattern!

  12. Nothing wrong with repeats, especially when they are so pretty.

  13. JoyJoy

    Wow, love the gorgeous fabric prints for these dresses. Great flowing design, using the movement of the print. Beautiful choices. Really like the chiffon bow in the same print. I’m looking forward to your next project and of course jacket #8.

  14. Oh please no one will see past the wonderful fabrics that you used to make these awesome dresses! My favorite is the pink paisley one but then I’m partial to paisleys…these are just lovely!

  15. Summerset

    Great choices, they look different and certainly a non-sewer might not notice at all. I love the second one with the chiffon ties!