HP Kaleidoscope Top – Part II

Today, I attached the neckline ruffles, collar and facing. The neckline ruffles were very long for me possibly because crepe de chine stretches so much on the bias. I shortened them 11″ and they are still considerably longer than the pattern illustration. Although I’ve already hemmed the sleeve ruffles, I may leave them off since there’s already a lot going on here for a little person.


I narrow-hemmed all of the ruffles which took an entire evening! Had I to do it again, I’d just leave the edges raw since they are mostly on the bias anyway.


Here’s a close-up of the collar/ruffle.



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20 responses to “HP Kaleidoscope Top – Part II

  1. Sally

    Oh, my goodness. What perfect edge
    stitching! And I agree about leaving off the sleeve ruffles. Too much. Sally

  2. CBH

    Wow! That is a lot of hemming. How did you do it? Did you use the “twice hemming” method? Thanks for sharing

  3. Towanda

    I have the pattern but was not considering making this version until I saw yours. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Rebecca

    This is very pretty, wonderful edge stitching.

  5. jennifer

    Wow, that is gorgeous! I am so eager to see how this turns out.

  6. Holy cow, the narrow hem is incredible. Only in my dreams could I ever achieve that.

  7. You have perfect seams. How do you do that so perfectly. I did learn the twice stitching version of narrow hemming, but there must be a better way.

  8. Your work always amazes me! Can’t wait to see the finished top.

  9. Auntie Allyn

    Yikes, I think that is what’s scared me off from that version of this pattern . . . hemming all of that collar piece! I think I might serge it if I ever did it, because I could never do a beautifully sewn hem like yours! Can’t wait to see your finished top!

  10. I’ve just noticed this pattern. There are some intriguing versions about. I love the front ruffle. Beautiful blue too.

  11. Great color Gigi! It will be worth all the work 😉

  12. I have this problem too. I’m short and a little smaller boned than small patterns and very easily designs can overtake me and pretty soon all you see is the shirt or jacket and no more me. That’s the great thing about what we do…we can just add or take off what we don’t like or doesn’t look great on us. Love this vivid blue.

  13. LauraBell

    Gigi~ You have GOT to tell us the secret to the most gorgeous topstitching. You blow me away!

  14. vernonfashionstudio

    Beautiful blouse and such a gorgeous color blue! I too would love to learn your topstitching secrets. I imagine lots of practice is involved. Looking forward to seeing the blouse done.

  15. Gigi, the blouse is looking awesome. As previously noted, your narrow hem is amazing! You inspire me!! As another little person, I appreciate the comment about the ruffle. I like it sooo much, but it may be too much for me to wear. I may try it (with raw edges) to see how it looks. Maybe your ruffle would work with something else if you decide to remove it.

  16. Jan

    Oh my, this is my very favorite color of blue. It is striking, and the ruffle is exquisite. Masterful sewing.

  17. Rosie

    Gigi – I cannot add anymore than what everyone else has said. Inspirational as always!

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  19. I’m amazed at your perfect stitching!! It’s so beautiful!