Burda Style 08/2010 #120 – Final

All done! As I thought, I had to take the shoulders in an additional 1/2″ and lower the armscye 5/8″ (to make up for the deeper seam I had to take at the shoulder). The back was also too wide (and I have a broad back!) so I shaved a little bit off of the back armscye. I ended up removing 4″ of ease at the hemline, tapering to nothing just above the waist. It’s still quite voluminous, as you can see!


This blouse will be tucked in so it doesn’t have a whole lot of appeal on the dressform. This can really be dressed up or down as it would work equally well with jeans or a pencil skirt. I absolutely love all the pintucks even though they do get a bit lost in the print. They show up a lot better in real life than in the photos. The pintucks on the sleeve are especially pretty.


Here it is with the scarf used as a sash. I cut it as instructed but found it really long and ended up cutting 12″ off the length.


All of the edges were narrow-hemmed by machine with a 1/4″ rolled hem foot, as was the bottom of the blouse. Attachments are such a huge time-saver, get them out and practice! 🙂 If you need a refresher, check out the tutorial I posted at the Sewing Divas a few years ago. It really is easy as can be!


And, I found the perfect little blue button in my stash. This came from Maggi’s For Fine Fabrics at least a dozen years ago. I always love a little bit of sparkle!



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16 responses to “Burda Style 08/2010 #120 – Final

  1. I love all the details and effort you put into this. Gorgeous look.

  2. Hey Gigi. I just wanted to say that I love your work! Your sewing skills are amazing and you truly inspire me to continually strive to be better. I love checking in on your progress and following along. I’ve been a follower for a while but haven’t really commented much. Just wanted to share. Thanks for being an inspiration! Brad

  3. What a lovely top! And I like the touch of bling on the sleeves! 😉

  4. Meredith P


  5. Hatty

    It’s gorgeous as all your garments. I am really interested in your shoulder/armscye adjustment as I always have to make shoulder adjustments (I have to narrow the shoulder and make it slope) and it often seems to have horrible effects on the sleeve. I just don’t ‘get’ sleeve/armscye adjustments and end up with terrible ‘binding’ on the front of my sleeves. I find Burda shoulders absolutely massive and I am now too scared to make any of their tops/blouses!

  6. Sue

    Your neck binding looks great. Could you provide a little detail on how you did it?

  7. I’m stuttering and trying to find the right word — fabulous, georgeous, awesome, etc. Yes, I like the blouse a lot and the little blue button is a nice touch. Thanks for your details on construction and alterations. I know that they take time and I appreciate them.

  8. Gigi I love it! It so nice to see this type of casual style made from such an elegant fabric. It would be killer with white jeans too 🙂

  9. Amazing blouse. Your work is always so pretty. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  10. That fabric is just delicious and the little bling in the button is perfect.
    Beautiful work. I also read you blog because you inspire me to keep trying to keep improving.

  11. I really like the belt added to it, it defines the waist better,, and I am with you, I like the pintucks, but do think they get lost in the print,, but it is still a pretty top…

  12. Beautiful blouse. The fabric is gorgeous!

  13. Summerset

    Stunning. I like the scarf better being used as a belt, it gives it a different look. Agreed, the pintucks are a bit lost, but the cover look on the mag wasn’t any better and I certainly didn’t do any better with my last blouse/print combo, either.

  14. Rosie

    I cannot add anymore to what has already been said. Ricki …. may I come over and play? Lovely as always G!