Burda Style 02/2009 #119 – Finished!

All done but the hem, anyway! This is such a pretty style. It is simple but the sleeves make it different and special. I did have a couple of issues, though. First, the neckline was too high and made me look like I had a big, heaving bosom. It’s hard to tell from the photos but I actually took the neckline down by over an inch, ending about 5/8″ above the yoke seam tapering to nothing about 1″ in front of the shoulder. It’s a much more flattering look for me and I’m happy I took the time to “make it work”.

Here’s the before:


Phyllis suggested I use the pink section of the fabric for my neckline binding and, I have to say, she was so right. I like it much better!

The after:


The other issue I had was with the sleeve. For some odd reason (which I didn’t notice until after I had finished cutting), the inner sleeve is the same length as the outer sleeve. For it to bubble properly it really needs to be a little shorter than the outer sleeve so before I make my dress I will lengthen the outer sleeve .25″ and shorten the inner sleeve by the same amount. Also, the instructions have you understitching the seam allowances to the undersleeve. I didn’t do that because I didn’t want to stiffen the seam and lose some of the drape of the sleeve.

I can show you the fabric I am going to use for the dress now that my cut has been secured. It’s Italian Rayon Florida Knit – Jewel Tones from Gorgeous Fabrics. Hurry, it’s on sale and there are only a few yards left!


What’s next? Well, tomorrow is September 1st (how did that happen?) and I’m a little freaked out because I still have 5 jackets to complete by the end of the year. Aye! And then there’s the Big Bow Skirt and the dress from the September Burda Style and the Knip Mode skirt and, and, and. It’s official: there is never enough sewing time.


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17 responses to “Burda Style 02/2009 #119 – Finished!

  1. Freaked out or not you’ll get there.

  2. Susannah

    5 jackets is child’s play for a Sewing Glamazon!

  3. Rosie

    I love the blouse with the pink binding at the neck. Fabric enabler! If there is anyone who can get 5 jackets done between now and the end of the year, you are at the top of that list.

  4. I really liked it with the green accents but it is fabulous with the pink accents. And you will get the five jackets done…I have faith in you!

  5. This top is GORGEOUS! I love your fabric, and it’s amazing to see the “lift” you got from that relatively minor neckline adjustment. I’m going to have to keep that in mind. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I love how cute this pattern is. The pink neckline is perfect. You make me desperate for a binder. Desperate.

  7. Your new top is fabulous, and I passed on that pattern thinking it was too blah. Now I have to reconsider. The dress will be gorgeous.

  8. Amy M in Indiana

    I love this top! And I love how you laid out that fabric!

  9. Okay, love the top. Love the fabric. A question about the dress form, though.

    I looked through your archives and couldn’t see what type of form you’re using? I’m in the market for an adjustable dress form, and after reading the reviews on Pattern Review, I’m starting to feel like there really aren’t any well-made adjustables out there, but I’m losing weight pretty steadily and don’t want to commit to a fixed-size one yet. At this point I’m leaning toward a MyDouble. It seems like you’ve had yours for a while; do you like it? Would you recommend it?

    • Chris, Ethel is either a My Twin or My Double. I can’t remember which and there are is no label anywhere on the form. I’ve had her for at least 20 years. I don’t use her for fitting purposes, preferring instead to fit directly on myself. Even if you dial in your measurements, the contours are so much different. I only use her to test ideas and hold works in progress.

  10. Els

    Your top is fab, you are the queen of playing with prints.The purple neck binding is much more attractive than the green one. Great idea Phyllis

  11. Summerset

    Good call, Phyllis! I like the pink much better as the neck binding, too. It is brighter near the face than the green. Very interesting and pretty top.

  12. It’s so pretty. I love that print.

  13. I can’t help but laugh that you had to lower the neckline on the top– it’s usually quite the opposite with Burda tops!

    Looks great.

  14. It’s funny you should mention that about the neckline… I’ve noticed, too, that a too-high neckline can actually make a generous bust look extra-generous. The blouse is cool, and I really like how the sleeves turned out.

  15. Great looking top. I have this pattern and plan to make it one day 🙂 I’ll definitely try your adjustments in my version. Nice fabric for the dress. I haven’t shopped at Ann’s store in a while. Hmmm…, better check it out.

  16. Yes, another happy reader noticing you said you lowered a Burda neckline. I just did the same with a Burda (BWOF vintage) V-neck that was downright parochial, and stuffy to wear. It’s much prettier now and I can wear a necklace with it.