The Anorak – Planning

According to Tim Gunn (in this month’s Redbook) I need an anorak for fall. The fact that I happen to love anoraks had me wondering why I don’t own one.


My first thought fabric-wise was a beautiful turquoise silk from my stash. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that something neutral would be more practical. So I have decided on this charcoal linen/silk blend that came from Maggi’s For Fine Fabrics (yes, years and years ago). I bought these Cartier-inspired buttons at the same time because they looked so awesome together. I’ll have to see what I have in the zipper department but what I’m thinking is a zip-front with buttoned pockets and cuffs. I did consider a button front but, since I’ll probably be wearing this open, these buttons would be far too heavy (and too much bling!) for this fabric. It has been ages since I used a gold button! I think we all OD’d on them in the 80s and 90s but I feel it’s time to glam things up a little, don’t you?


ETA: The only zipper I have in my collection that matches is this one. I’m not wild about it (I was hoping for something with silver teeth, sigh) and will only consider using it if I make a concealed zipper placket.


When I was putting the buttons away I discovered that I also have these in a mini (5/8″) version so a button placket is now an option as well! The two sizes I showed you earlier are on the right.


Okay, back to the Hawaii 5-O marathon on Spike as I tidy up. Did you know that I lived on Oahu when Hawaii 5-O was on the air? I’m not excited about the remake but I am enjoying seeing the original series again!


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16 responses to “The Anorak – Planning

  1. Gigi – can I just tell you that I’m loving the fact that you are digging into your fabric collection to come up with these new pieces. And that you’ve inspired me to do the same!

  2. Rosie

    Gigi – you are making my head spin. I love the fact that you are shopping your stash. Those buttons are adorable.

  3. I love your buttons! Can’t wait to see the anorak come together.

  4. I think you’re smart to go with a neutral fabric for your anorak.

  5. Great color for an anorak and perfect notions for the jacket.

  6. And I was too on Oahu during the 5-0 era! Was actually an alter girl at the chapel on Pearl Harbor where the priest later was in an episode proceeding over a funeral…Makalapa Elementary whooo hoooooo!

  7. Meredith P

    When I think of an anorak, it’s not something quite so lovely and luxe (and I mean that in a good whay, not in a PR Team “luxe” way). Can’t wait to see yours, and what pattern you decide to use.

  8. Those buttons are amazing!

  9. sewforward

    I, too, am impressed that you are shopping from your stash. Can’t wait to see what pattern you are going to use and, of course, the final garment, too.

  10. Love those buttons! That is a cute anorak in the picture. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  11. I love anoraks…what pattern are you using – reminds me I need one to just throw on, and in silk no less!!! Love, love, love the buttons – and they are stash buttons – always the best.

    Book ’em Dan-O!!!! Enjoy!!! 😉

  12. Oh Gigi its going to be a great looking jacket , love the buttons. Sorry to ask this here , but your class of open sewing , could I do s 3786, few techniques I would like you to show me, pleats and gathering and etc. Thanks

  13. jennifer

    This is going to be the most sublime anorak, ever! The buttons are to die for.

  14. Amy Anderson

    I love reading about your sewing adventures. It makes me want to do some garment sewing instead of quilting all of the time. Good job!