The Anorak – Part I

First, I’d like to thank all of you for making me feel so good about shopping my stash! My stash is huge (around 2,000 yards, I’m guessing – maybe more) because I love fabric. Love, love, love it! I’ve always been good about shopping my stash because sometimes it takes a few years to find just the right project for a treasured piece (I peruse my catalogue before beginning any project). It’s just more noticeable now because I haven’t been buying for the past few months as I am on a self-imposed buying moratorium until I find a job. When I do, watch out, because I sure do miss those lovely boxes waiting on my doorstep!

After looking through my patterns and my pattern magazines, I decided on McCall’s 5635. I liked the Princess lines, inseam pockets and button placket. I have to say, though, that I would give QC on this pattern a big fat D-. The printer and folder must have been acting up the day this pattern was made as I had large tears and a few printing “holidays”. Weird.


I remembered a short length of silver duppioni that I had distressed after seeing Pam’s distressed silk shirts. I had originally planned on making a shirt or lounge pants out of it but I don’t have enough yardage. I’ll be using this for the Hong Kong finish.


Look at all the goodies I found while shopping my Gigi Store this morning! This is why you need to have a stash. You never know when you’ll need some of the cool findings you come across in your travels.


Bryan has a football game in Dallas this weekend (at Cowboy Stadium – he is so excited!) so I had planned an all-sewing weekend. But, as luck would have it, I have to have some unexpected oral surgery this morning. Hopefully, the weekend won’t be a total loss!


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12 responses to “The Anorak – Part I

  1. That pattern looks like the perfect choice for this gorgeous fabric. Torn pattern pieces? Sheesh!!

  2. Meredith P

    We’d ALL like to shop in the Gigi store 🙂 Hope the orgal surgery does not interfere with your sewing weekend.

  3. Chartreuse Moose

    Oh my, this looks intriguing! Your stash sounds better than any fabric stores I’ve been in for years! I must search for some good online stores…I think you’ve given me the sewing bug again! Hope your oral surgery goes well…can’t wait to see you next update!

  4. CGCouture

    Hope the surgery goes well! 🙂 I’m loving the Gigi store…but how do you store it all?!

    • If you click on Sewing Studio (under “select a category”) you can see where I put it all! I do have a few more machines and have rearranged things a little but you get the idea. I try to be very, very organized. 🙂

  5. Gigi, I have been reading your almost daily posts.
    And I have also learned some tricks.
    I wondered how you could find so much time to sew!
    Good for you about not being depressed about the work situation, and instead using this gift of time to sew.

    I am sewing down my stash as well.
    No more wonderful package filled with wondrous fabrics.

    But when I was back in the states, I did buy 10 patterns at JoAnn’s in Dallas. Since I was heading back to Baja Sur the day before the big 5 for $5.00 pattern sale, the store manager kindly gave me the sale price.
    I lost my main job ( mortgage industry) two years ago,and panicked for awhile.
    But I have tried to use the time for my sewing and writing.
    And now I amking new ccurtains and slipcovers for my guesthouse.

    I have guests checking in tomorrow, I sliced my finger with my rotary cutter ( my mind wandered for just a second) so perhaps, I will not finish this project in time for them.
    Your sewing is exquisite.
    You will have some wardrobe when you finally go back to work.

    • Oh, I do have my occasional pity parties! Sewing makes me so happy and instantly improves my mood. Luckily, I have a huge stash of supplies to work with!

      Rotary cutters can be so dangerous! I once sliced open a large vein on my wrist. I was home alone and was getting really nervous because I couldn’t stop the bleeding. I hope your finger isn’t too bad and heals quickly!

  6. Summerset

    Oh, I like finding treasures in my collections. I assure my collections are probably not as large as yours, but it is fun finding just the right item that you bought ages ago.

    Good luck with oral surgery, BTDT, hope you heal quickly!

  7. Mechelle

    Gigi’s “store” certainly does look like a FUN, FUN spot!! Heal quick and enjoy the sewing weekend!

  8. So he’s coming to Big D to play Skyline. DD is a graduate of Skyline – many years ago! Hope he has a great time. Haven’t been in the new stadium yet, but everyone says it’s VERY BIG (as in: May want to pick up a beer before your walk from one end to the other, LOL)

    • Yep, and he’s so excited about it! Last year they played at Ohio State. OSU even picked them up at the airport – what a great experience for the kids and the coaches. I thought about going to Dallas but I’d rather stay home and sew and watch it on TV. 🙂