The Anorak – Finished!

I love hanging a completed garment in my closet, don’t you? I’m really happy with the way this turned out although it is different from the vision I had in my mind. I was envisioning something more structured, with pockets. But, the fabric spoke to me and this is what it wanted to be.


You can see it’s quite shorter than it was this morning. Even the shorter length was quite long on me so I shortened it 2.5″. I also raised the waistline casing 1″. It was in the correct location for me to wear the jacket closed and tie the drawstring but I know I’ll never do that so I raised it to a pleasing location for wearing open.

Here’s a closeup of the buttons and the gunmetal cord tips.


And the sleeves, aye! I mentioned earlier that I removed 4″ from the width. I had already shortened them 1″ during tissue-fitting, which is a usual alteration for me. I ended up removing another 4″ in the length because I found the sleeves very long and blousy. They end right at my wrist now which is a good length since I’ll be pushing them up a little. I used 1″ elastic but felt something was missing. While I was having dinner, I came up with the idea of a little button tab. I like it, I think it adds a little something extra.


Well, I have poured myself a ginormous glass of wine and am ready to settle in to watch Mad Men. I’m not sure what I will work on tomorrow. I may just get a couple of things altered and cut, I’ll see what I feel like doing in the morning. TTFN!


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31 responses to “The Anorak – Finished!

  1. Jackie O

    Great job as always!!

  2. Sue

    Gigi, your jacket is lovely.

  3. That looks fabulous! Love the sleeve tab.

  4. The sleeve tab and the unusual buttons are magic.

  5. Very cute, and I love the sleeve tab. BTW, I hope you’ll have a chance to wear it, as SFL is not exactly jacket country. Your BF needs to take you north so you can show this off!!

  6. Mrs Roberts

    Well done – it looks fabulous and beautifully finished. You definitely deserve that ginormous glass of wine!

  7. Very classy. Love the buttons.

  8. Stunning Gigi! I predict you’ll be stopped on the street and asked for the name of the boutique that carried it! 😉

  9. That is just stunning! What beautiful work. Didn’t you just LOVE MadMen last night?

  10. So cute! I know you will look great wearing it!

  11. Mechelle

    SUPER CUTE! I love the fabric & buttons!

  12. Lindsay T

    Very designer chic! I love the buttons and the tabs.

  13. It’s stunning Gigi! Simply stunning!

  14. Chartreuse Moose

    Darling! Didn’t you just cut this out…wow! Those buttons and cord tips are the best…make the outfit sing!

  15. This is another fabulous garment. I love how the details add so much –the buttons, the sleeve tabs,the gunmetal cord tips, and the expert sewing. You made an excellent garment to celebrate!

  16. Gorgeous jacket, Gigi! I love the buttons, and the sleeves look great with the narrower width and the tabs.

  17. Terry

    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your next e-mail. Your work is inspiring.

  18. jennifer

    Wow, Gigi. That is it, I have to sew today. You really inspire me to get back into sewing. You are the maitresse of sewing!!

  19. Joyce in NC

    Beautiful jacket. I love the buttons and the tabs.

  20. summersetbanks

    Gorgeous – those buttons add that extra bit of luxe!

  21. Kathryn (fzxdoc)

    I love everything about this jacket, Gigi. Your amazing sewing talent shows through in every single perfect detail.

  22. Every detail is perfection, and the overall effect is so gorgeous. I want one.

  23. JoyJoy

    Beautiful job on the sewing, fabric choice and details. This is a very flattering neckline styling on this anorak jacket. Casual but very classy, you have a great eye and wonderful talent.

  24. Cindy

    I love it! You really are amazing.

  25. have outdone even yourself with this one!
    It is exquisite !

  26. Wow! That is fabulous and I love the sleeve tab and the buttons and…… I could just go on and on. I didn’t even think I like anoraks but now I am not so sure. Good think you are a lot shorter than I am or I’d have to sneak down and steal it.

  27. Beautiful! And, you’ve just gotta love those buttons.

  28. Wow! I really like this! Love the buttons.

  29. Lovely jacket, you are truly an inspiration!