Milly Blouse – Planning

I was looking through the September issue of People Style Watch (I know, but I do love it!) and this gorgeous Milly “Francine” blouse caught my eye. I had to laugh because it’s on the “guilt free” shopping page – at $325.


And will you look what we have in the pattern collection:


There’s no date on this pattern but I’m guessing it’s from 1976-78. I have a couple of pieces of charmeuse in my stash but I’m not sure if I have any chiffon for that front ruffle, I’ll have to check. The best part is that I have a reason (finally) to buy some big honkin’ crystals! As my friends would say, I’m such a girl. πŸ˜‰


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22 responses to “Milly Blouse – Planning

  1. “I’m such a girl.”

    As if there’s anything wrong with that! πŸ™‚

  2. Love how the 70s pattern is an exact match! And there’s nothing wrong with being a girl. But please tell us where you find the honkin’ big crystals because us other girls have to know!

  3. I love that top but that pricetag is terrible! I would never consider that to be guilt-free shopping! I think you could totally make something that looks like that with that pattern! It’s a perfect match!

  4. You are “such a girl”. Go for the crystals!! I look forward to seeing them on your finished blouse. That means tomorrow, right? You are so amazingly (Is that a word?)fast!!

  5. Kris

    I just love this. It looks like the neckline of your pattern has a deeper scoop than the Milly blouse, which I think will be much more flattering. (See the blouse modeled at I can’t wait to see your version.

    • I saw that earlier today – isn’t it gorgeous? I am working on a test-run of this pattern now and I think I’m really going to love it!

  6. I am suffering from a bout of pattern envy. Do the crystals – although being a practical person I note the dry cleaning costs – could you wash a crystal?

    • Gail, I am going to handwash my blouse because dry cleaning a blouse is just not practical here in Florida – I’d have to clean it after every wearing! Crystals are washable but I still think I am going to make that strip removable to make washing and ironing easier.

      I see this pattern on Etsy pretty regularly so there’s hope!

  7. I bought that pattern when it came out and still have it. Made it up for me at the time and used it later for DD. I had run across it not long ago in the “old pattern” stash and thought, “I need to make this again.”

  8. Colleen P.

    It’s a really gorgeous blouse, and I do think it’s one of those that’s always going to be current, with a few minor tweaks and adjustments-it’s very feminine without being too ruffly.

  9. vernonfashionstudio

    We should all revel in our girl-ness from time to time! What a great top! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  10. Sue

    That blouse is stunning and I’m sure yours will equally stunning. Looking forward to seeing the finished top.

  11. Stephanie

    Oooooh, nice blouse! So pretty, love the bling. Cannot believe the pattern similarity to the RTW blouse – have you hoarded it this long or recently acquired an aged pattern?

  12. Your Butterick looks like it has a more scooped, flattering neckline. Go for it!

  13. Shopping for big honkin’ crystals – yes! I bet you could tea dye/coffee dye the lace to match.

  14. Carol

    You Inspire Me!

  15. Rosie

    You are making my head spin! I leave you for a weekend and there is so much catching up for me to day. Glad you are feeling better!

  16. Kim

    I love this blouse! I have been denying my inner girl for a long time (probably because my mother always ‘overgirlied’ me) but she’s breaking loose again and would be thrilled with a blouse like that. With the honking crystals.

  17. That’s really funny. It’s almost an exact match, but I like the deeper scoop neck better too.

  18. Gigi – that is an awesome pattern to start the journey with…here’s hoping you find the big honking jewels for it. πŸ™‚

  19. Bev

    I was watching The View today 10/12/10, and Elisabeth was wearing this blouse. I recognized it right away because of Gigi Sews.