Milly Blouse – Part II

This evening I did all the gathering and attached the outer band. I don’t know about you, but I would say that gathering is the one sewing task that I do not enjoy at all. At least this pattern has loads of notches and dots to make it easy and a bit less tedious.


Look at how high the armscye is in this blouse. That was a really big (and nice!) surprise as blouses with this much fullness generally have pretty low armholes.


I popped into JoAnn’s yesterday morning and, it’s official, the majority of their buttons really stink. Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to put a cheap plastic button on a charmeuse blouse. Luckily, I had a job interview near Cynthia’s and was able to get buttons worthy of this fabric: beautiful black Swarovski crystal, yum.



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12 responses to “Milly Blouse – Part II

  1. Great blouse; love the animal print fabric. I keep thinking those fabric designs will be “out” soon, but they seem to have staying power. Even the zebra fabric is still “hot.” Many of us are animal lovers and won’t buy the real thing, so maybe that gives the “faux” prints more staying power.

  2. Gail D.

    I learn so much from you, Gigi. I’ve been wondering what people meant when they would talk about a too-low armhole and they would need to raise it. Then with one simple picture, you made it perfectly clear! I thank you once again for a great explanation, even tho that wasn’t your intent!

    How’d the job interview go? Well, I hope.

    Regards, Gail D.

  3. Susan C

    I just noticed that the class schedule for Cynthia’s shows Thurs. night Open Sewing with Gigi. Lucky open sewers! LOL Love the blouse and best of luck on new job. Susan

  4. Mechelle

    Oh, I was hoping you had some magic way to do gathers or some neat gadget that would do them automagic…. Can’t wait to see this finished and the buttons are awesome!

  5. First, I hope the job interview went well! Second, I love the buttons you picked for the first incarnation of the Milly top!

  6. Rosie

    I am keeping my fingers crossed about the new job/interview. I love the fabric/buttons.

  7. Well, I certainly don’t need to tell you that buttons can make or break a blouse. You know what I have found recently? Knitting shops have good to great buttons. So when I need buttons in a hurry, I stop by the one of the knitting stores in the area.

  8. PS – best of luck with the interview!

  9. Melinda

    Gigi–I love the blouse! I too hope the interview went well…although I love how much sewing you’ve had time to do recently. Your’s is the first blog I check in the morning and I love seeing your new posts!!

  10. Yeah, I know, I hate putting blah-looking buttons on a really nice blouse, and sometimes they even make the whole look. This is another one of those give-aways that lets you know when something is well-constructed and when it’s bought.

  11. Meredith P

    Wow, whether job is a good one or not, being close to Cynthia’s would be a plus, no?

    Love how the blouse is shaping up.

  12. I hear you on Jo-Ann’s buttons….my local store has improved their button inventory lately because Dritz is selling buttons so there is now a nice selection of horn and carved bakelite, but as always the blingier buttons are plastic and fake looking.