Milly Blouse – Part III

The test blouse is done and I’m really pleased with it. I made a straight 8 with no alterations except my usual sleeve-shortening. When does that ever happen?

This fabric is extremely difficult to photograph from afar. After taking photo after photo, I almost decided to not even post it but I thought you might rather see a bad photo than none at all. The blouse looks really voluminous on the dressform but it’s not overwhelming in the least on the body.


I will probably always wear it tucked in but I thought I’d try it with a hip belt just to see how it looked.


The cuff with crystal button. For a little sheen, I used machine embroidery thread for all of my buttonholes.


To reduce bulk around the neckline I used a Hong Kong finish (with silk chiffon) around the facing instead of turning it under.

I also wanted to keep the hem very flowy (in case I ever want to wear it untucked) so I bound it as well and hand stitched with silk thread.


I’m going to give this a test drive tonight to see if there are any changes I might want to make to the final garment. Hopefully, I can get both the grey charmeuse and the brocade jacket cut out this weekend!


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21 responses to “Milly Blouse – Part III

  1. Meredith P

    That turned out beautifully. I actually spotted the silver brocade at my local Jo’Anns. I was shocked! It is pretty. Are you going to line it? It seemed mighty stiff and scratchy. But I’m tempted by it.

    • Thank you, Meredith! Yes, I’m going to line the brocade jacket because the metallic threads on the back are very scratchy. I did wash the fabric and it’s much drapier now, which is nice.

  2. summersetbanks

    I’m loving this with the wide belt. The insides are beautifully done, too! I have some of that brocade too, not a lot, but a rem I found at Jo-ann’s. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.

  3. Gigi – I love it with the hip belt! Thanks for including pics! It is a wonderful blouse.

  4. You consistently amaze me with your seam finishes.
    You don’t use a serger much, do you?
    So pretty and refined.

  5. vicki

    Beautiful work for a “test” blouse. Lovely. I can almost feel how soft and floaty it is.

  6. Rosie

    For a “test” garment this pretty close to perfection (almost as smooth as Ricki) as one can get!

  7. Sally

    Lovely! Would love to see you wearing it–I’ll bet you look stunning!

  8. jennifer

    Woo hoo! This is just so lovely.

  9. LOVE it with the belt Gigi! Gives it a great edgy feel. I can’t wear peasant styles at all (because they make me look like the peasants I’m descended from!) but I do really love them when they’re done as well as this.

  10. This is just a TEST? I wish my finished projects were half as beautiful as your trial-run. Who am I kidding — I wish there really was such a thing as my FINISHED projects! 🙂 Thanks for sharing; I’m looking forward to seeing the final version. And you just inspired me to head up to my sewing room and get cracking!

  11. vernonfashionstudio

    Every girl needs a bit of leopard in her closet! Love the blouse. And thinks for sharing your finishing tips.

    Linda T

  12. I think your version is worth far more than the $325 price tag on the original and it looks much better. I’m sure the interior is not finished as professionally. Great Job.

  13. Kathryn(fzxdoc)

    Gigi, I agree with others that this should not be the TEST blouse, it should be the “look at this great blouse I just finished” blouse! It’s beautiful, and you’re ahead of the curve for the animal print fever that I am seeing in the Fall fashion mags. As always, your sewing expertise is awe-inspiring.

  14. Sue

    Your top stitching is soooo perfect!

  15. It looks great! I love the finish that you used!

  16. This blouse came out beautifully, especially as it is only a dry run for that special one your planning.

  17. Nice blouse and so well done! Great work!

  18. melissa

    I just found your blog, and I love it. Oh my gosh you are so talented!!