Milly Blouse – Part VI

I am whittling away at the blouse. The cuffs are on and I will work on the neckband today. This morning I felt like doing something fun so I played around a bit with the front ruffle. I want the ruffle to be removable for cleaning so I’m planning on backing it with a piece of ribbon and using small snaps to attach it to the placket. Keep in mind that these are just test samples so they’re not very tidy!

I started with a 2″ wide piece of bias chiffon. I’m using polyester because a) it has much more body than silk and b) should I ever have to wash it, the pleats will hold their shape. I used two layers of chiffon for the first sample (on the left) and found it too poofy. The second sample is one layer only (on the right) and is exactly what I was looking for. Polyester chiffon doesn’t fray out at the edges as easily as silk so I just ran my fingernails over the edges to roughen them up a bit. I’m really happy with the effect!


Here’s the ruffle with the crystal beads that I originally purchased. Meh, just not enough sparkle for me. I mean, it’s okay but it doesn’t wow me. I’ll reserve these beads for something else.


These crystals, on the other hand, are perfect! I was only able to get 16 from this particular seller but I found a few more on Etsy this week. Even if I don’t need them it’ll be good to have a few spares in case I ever lose one. I don’t know how long this ruffle will be yet, I’ll decide that after I finish the blouse. Have I mentioned lately how much I love sewing? Love, love, LOVE.



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14 responses to “Milly Blouse – Part VI

  1. You have been making some awesome pieces lately so I can see how much you love it! OMG I love both examples of bling…this is just going to be one amazing blouse!!!

  2. Oh so pretty! I like to square crystals too. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished Milly blouse.

  3. Bev

    Would be interested in knowing your approximate cost, comparing to the $325.00 cost, when purchased retail. I’m guessing there’s not much difference. That’s okay when you love to sew.

    • Well, the fabric cost me about $50, the crystals were about $20, the buttons $20 and the chiffon was free so I’m right around $90. I don’t sew to save money but it’s nice when you can knock off an expensive piece for so much less!

  4. What a great idea to make the ruffle detachable.
    I love the blingier version, too.

  5. cidell

    I *love* those crystals!

  6. Love how the blouse is coming together, those crystals are beautiful…love the bling !!

  7. Rosie

    Bring on the bling Gigi! I love this detachable ruffle with the square crystals. Beautiful!

  8. Those crystals are fab-u-lous!!!!

  9. I’m thinking of putting a rough edged chiffon ruffle on one of my garments. Do you treat the ends with anything to stop them fraying to nothing?

  10. I’ve been enjoying looking through your blog posts (I found your blog from the 50 Best Sewing Blogs list over at online colleges). You do lovely work and offer so much inspiration for other sewists. I will enjoy checking back here.

  11. Ooo.. the second one really does stand out and looks very luxurious!!

  12. oh the ruffle! is it inappropriate to apply one on each of my existing garments!!!!! well maybe but wouldn’t it be fab???