A Diversion – New Look 6891

I made this pattern just over a year ago and it has become a favorite. It’s one of those blouses that, every time I put it on, I wonder why I only have one. I had pulled the pattern out a few months ago in hopes of making myself another one so, when I needed a project to recover from my recent disaster, there it was! Not one to let myself off the hook too easily, I did choose to make it in (drumroll, please) silk charmeuse! This is another Golden Oldie from Maggi’s For Fine Fabrics.


I used my 1.25″ right-angle binder to make quick work of the neckline and ties. I had to piece the binding at the CB but the seam went through the binder without a hitch. I made sure to press and trim the seam well and you can barely see the join.



I will probably make one more quick item before I return to the Milly blouse. I’ve leaning toward the red charmeuse but the chiffon I bought yesterday isn’t the greatest match so I have one more place to check before I get started. I’ve put Sunday’s disaster behind me and am movin’ on! As Debbie said, do I really want to be bothered with a blouse that stains so easily? Uh, no.


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24 responses to “A Diversion – New Look 6891

  1. What a fun fabric , I love this blouse it is on my to do list since you made it last time .

  2. Rosie

    You pick the most gorgeous fabrics and patterns. Your craftsmanship is impeccable and inspirational!! Thank you!

  3. Suzanne

    I am totally *in love* with this blouse! whoa!

  4. SO cute! I love that fabric!!!

  5. Karen

    LOL! One of your former renditions of this “made” me get that pattern as well. I have three versions of it in the closet…. 🙂

  6. What a fun blouse! I like it a lot.

  7. Lovely! Smart idea to sew a winner. I am so sorry about that Milly blouse!

    Your stash is pretty amazing!

  8. Beautiful blouse! I love the print and how it looks like it has two layers. I think I have this pattern somewhere in my stash!

  9. Darci

    I love how you can see the inner layer from the outside. Very pretty! And hearts are always so much fun!

  10. I hope this pattern is still available. It is perfect for some fabric in my stash. Love the hearts!

  11. Kathryn (fzxdoc)

    Oh so cute! Not only is your heart on your sleeve, but it is everywhere else as well. I am really lusting after your binder. It certainly does a marvelous job.


  12. Bev

    Crazy about these twists of fate in our sewing experiences, but there’s always a great lesson learned and we can always move on.

  13. This reminds me of Rebecca Taylor’s “Love It” blouse – the shpae is similar, and she also uses heart fabric!

  14. Wonderful blouse! A great way to divert! This style looks like a Kenneth Cole top I have that I love… I need to find this pattern.

  15. Lexley-Brisbane Australia

    Gigi, i just love the red fabric for your milly blouse. And i ran out this morning to buy the New Look pattern for the heart fabric blouse you made. But, i only have a binder foot, not the same as yours (your foot does not accommodate my machine) so hopefully i can cut and press my binding and this will work out…mmm…we’ll see….

  16. Summerset

    Perfect. After the silver silk, this is just perfect.

  17. Lovely blouse! The fabric is so adorable. Love that!

  18. Bev

    I think either Gigi got a new job or she is having fun wearing all her cool clothes-I need a sewing fix-lol.

  19. I bought this pattern today and googled it to see if I could find any finished versions. Yours look unreal and I can’t wait to get started now.

    Yours look great.

    Can I ask a question? I was reading the instructions and wondered if I could get rid of the centre seam and just forget about the keyhole slit at the front. Bind it all the way around and put a faux bow at the centre front. Do you think that would be possible or should I just make it ‘as is’.

    Very presumptuous of me to ask you for assistance the first time I’ve met you, but I’m going to follow you now that I’ve found you !


    • Welcome to my blog! Yes, of course, you could eliminate the front opening. The neckline is large enough that you really don’t need it.

  20. Lexley W

    Hi Gigi, i made this up but the neckline is very low and the back neckline was lower than your picture. I was using a very slinky silky polyester and i marked the shoulder/cb on the ‘strips’ for the neckline bands, but this really stretched out being cut on the bias. Maybe I did something wrong. Anyhow, i went on ebay (from your previous suggestion to look for a binder) and have purchased one. Can you tell me the one you have suggested & what this is in centimetres? I am not up with inches (being an aussie and all!)…is the inch width the finshed width or the fabric width to do this? Lordy, hope this makes sense! Thanks again for all your help. I follow your blog on a daily basis (and i mean, check your blog atleast 3 times a day..I know, I am obsessed!) When are you coming to Australia????? Let me know. Kindest regards Lexley W.

    • If you apply the binding by hand it’s a good idea to steam the stretch out of it beforehand so that it will draw the neckline in. Staystitching will also help. The binder I use most is 32mm (1 1/4″) – although I also use 38mm (1 1/2″) regularly – which refers to the width of the bias fed into the binder. The finished width is approximately one-fourth of the binder size (so 1 1/4″ finishes to approximately 3/8″).

      I’d love to come to Australia but no plans in the immediate future!