Burda Style 01/2009 #106

When I was organizing my pattern magazines and tracings, I came across this top that I had traced off last summer and never got around to making up. I wear a lot of knit tops and am always on the lookout for new and interesting styles. Naturally, I fell in love with these sleeves.


The fabric is rayon/lycra that I bought from Sawyer Brook a few years ago. I’ve pulled it out quite a few times but never had just the right project for it until now. I started with my usual size 34 but found this pattern baggy through the torso. Either the Power Circuit Training DVDs are finally paying off or my fabric has too much stretch. Not only did I skip the FBA, I took it in about 1/2″ on each side (for a total of 2″).


I changed the neckline from a V-neck to a scoop neck and bound the edge. Instead of coverstitching the hems, I used my blindstitch machine for a dressier look.


Seriously, how freaking adorable are these sleeves? I know some people cut the sleeve apart into four pieces to make gathering easier but I had no difficulty making them as per the pattern. To make your corners really nice and crisp overlock across the gathered section only, then fold the seam allowance up (towards the cap) and overlock each side seam (sort of like a wrapped corner collar).



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50 responses to “Burda Style 01/2009 #106

  1. I guess you’ve decided not to let the Milly knock-off get the better of you because that’s 2 great new tops that have come out of your sewing machine. Loving them!

  2. Love it! I want to make one too. I really like the sleeves: I am a huge fan of 3/4 sleeve. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Those sleeves are beautiful, I bet they look so elegant when you raise your arm to point out or get something. Cute fabric too!

  4. That top is on my to-do list. I love your version!

  5. Great top and beautiful fabric.

  6. Meredith P

    This top ran pretty large when I made it in a butt-ugly fabric, which I didn’t even review. I love the top though.

    “To make your corners really nice and crisp overlock across the gathered section only, then fold the seam allowance up (towards the cap) and overlock each side seam (sort of like a wrapped corner collar).” Just for a little clarification, because the next time I make it I too, was going to split up the sleeve into pieces. Do you mean “overlock the gathered section”-right sides together with the sleeve ‘insert’, then do each side seam. I’m sure it will click when I’m actually doing it. Thanks. Love that fabric BTW!

  7. Rosie

    Another great top! Love it! Don’t you love that workout DVD?

  8. Love that fabric and it made up into a really clever top. I have yet to trace this one but it’s on my to do pile….just don’t ask how big that pile is!

  9. Kathy

    I am always on the lookout for good workout DVD’s.
    Who is the instructor/brand of the Power Circuit DVD? thanks.


    • I’ve been doing Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training for 3 months and now started alternating with Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred. I never thought I’d get abs like this so I’m really happy!

  10. Sew4Fun

    Pretty top! I’m sewing this same top at the moment. I’ve also made it before. IMHO the pattern has been drafted with jersey (no lycra) with 25% stretch. It does have more ease than other knit tops designed for stretch jersey.

    • I agree! In fact, I pulled out the directions to check the recommended fabric because I never have to take something in by 2″! The sample photos look suspiciously like a heavier doubleknit or interlock.

  11. Love this top. It is on my to do list!

  12. jennifer

    Gigi,thank you for posting this gorgeous new top!! I forgot all about this top. It is on the to do list..

  13. Where do you buy your exquisite jersey prints from? Tasteful prints are so hard to come by in the land down under.

  14. Olivia

    Love those sleeves!!….why am I not getting Burda anymore 😦

  15. Stephanie

    Such pretty sleeves and fabric. I can never wait to see what you will make next, and wonder what treasures you must have lurking in your stash?

  16. Wow Gigi that fabric is perfect! The blind stitched hems and neckline change are subtle but they really add a lot to the finished top. This looks totally RTW to me.

  17. That is a gorgeous fabric! If I could find knits like that, I’d probably sew more knits.

  18. Janine

    Adorable, freaking adorable!

  19. Summerset

    Fabulous fabric! I like it better with the scoop neck, too.

  20. That is the most gorgeous fabric!! And such a cute pattern. I wonder if I have anything half as cute in my stash….

  21. vernonfashionstudio

    Love those sleeves and love the fabric!

    Linda T

  22. That is a fabulous print and I too love the sleeve detail. I wonder if that issue of Burda is still available? I’d love to make this blouse.

  23. I love my shirt too (now that I can wear it again 🙂 ) I need to make another one, I guess!

  24. I remember this when it came out in the BWOF, but yours looks so much better. I may have to go back and try this one too!

  25. Lovely print for the perfect top.

  26. Kathryn (fzxdoc)

    Wowza what a great top. And the sleeves? TDF!

  27. Ooo.. wonderful top! I love knit tops, too, and this is a great pattern!

  28. RobbieJo

    Ooooo! I likey!!! I seriously want a binder now….do they make them for non-industrial machines? I don’t even know where to begin to look.

    • There are binding feet available for home machines but they don’t work quite as well as the industrial type. If you have a Bernina, you can use a plate binder.

  29. Impressive!!! (adding more projects to my never-ending list….)

  30. Lorna Newman

    I love that little feminine twist on the sleeves … a nice change to a simple top. I may have to find a copy of that issue!

  31. That is lovely fabric! I keep thinking I am going to make this top and it continues to be on my list of tops to make.

  32. I LOVE this top! Where can I get this pattern? Your fabric choice was perfect for this style. What kind of knit is this? I bought some funky print knits from Emma One Sock that were called “onion skin” that turned out to be alarmingly lightweight, so much so that I’m not sure what to do with them. Is Sawyer Brook an online retailer? Thanks for sharing this beautiful, inspiring project!

    • Hi Rebecca! You’ll have to locate a copy of the 1/09 issue of Burda Style (try ebay) to get this pattern. My fabric is rayon/lycra from Sawyer Brook’s online store. Onionskins are super lightweight. I have used them before but they are so HOT that I won’t use them anymore.

  33. Oooh, look at these sleeves! Love!!

  34. Tami B

    Where are you???? I love you blog and am dying to see some more of your beautiful sewing.

  35. Lexley

    HI Gigi,
    Hope all is fine..have not heard a peep from you since last blog…kindest regards
    Lexley W.

  36. Vmar

    Really pretty top Gigi!! I do have a technical question for you. How do you handle the start/stop of your neck binding? I have seen it done at the shoulder seam before it is sewn and I was wondering if thats how you handle it or do you do it at the CB with an overlap?

    • I leave the left shoulder seam open and then close it up after binding. I find this method neater and easier than trying to overlap at the CB. It’s easy by hand but always fiddly to do that with a binding attachment.

  37. JoyJoy

    Hi Gigi, Just a note on the Milly blouse, I just saw Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the View wearing the Milly blouse. It looked gorgeous on her and I’m sure yours will be too. Hope you get a chance to see it. Might be inspiration to finish up yours?

    • Oh, I would have loved to have seen it! I’m still searching for the right red chiffon. I may have to make it in taupe instead…

  38. Tatjana

    I love the way your clothes fit on your dress form. I have been thinking about getting a dress form to make fitting easier, but don’t have a clue which is best. What brand or type would you recommend for a good value and quality. We miss you!

    • I miss blogging! I’ve been sewing but just too busy to post – soon, very soon. Honestly, my dress form is no help at all when it comes to fitting. Even though I’ve dialed her in at the same measurements we are shaped very differently. I only keep her around because she’s a handy model. 🙂 Since I don’t have a custom form I just fit everything on myself.

  39. Amy

    hello, longtime reader but I’ve never posted here. This is such a lovely binding on this top. I have binders for my coverstitch and sewing machines (both home machines), but have so much trouble with rayon jersey as binding–it twists after a few inches and the stitch then wanders off the binding. Do you interface the binding first, or have a trick to keep it all straight? (I have both the right angle and the normal binder types.)

    • No, I never interface my binding first. It sounds like you are perhaps not cutting the binding wide enough. Rayon knits narrow quite a lot as they are pulled through the binder so they need to be cut a bit wider. HTH!