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The Anorak – Finished!

I love hanging a completed garment in my closet, don’t you? I’m really happy with the way this turned out although it is different from the vision I had in my mind. I was envisioning something more structured, with pockets. But, the fabric spoke to me and this is what it wanted to be.


You can see it’s quite shorter than it was this morning. Even the shorter length was quite long on me so I shortened it 2.5″. I also raised the waistline casing 1″. It was in the correct location for me to wear the jacket closed and tie the drawstring but I know I’ll never do that so I raised it to a pleasing location for wearing open.

Here’s a closeup of the buttons and the gunmetal cord tips.


And the sleeves, aye! I mentioned earlier that I removed 4″ from the width. I had already shortened them 1″ during tissue-fitting, which is a usual alteration for me. I ended up removing another 4″ in the length because I found the sleeves very long and blousy. They end right at my wrist now which is a good length since I’ll be pushing them up a little. I used 1″ elastic but felt something was missing. While I was having dinner, I came up with the idea of a little button tab. I like it, I think it adds a little something extra.


Well, I have poured myself a ginormous glass of wine and am ready to settle in to watch Mad Men. I’m not sure what I will work on tomorrow. I may just get a couple of things altered and cut, I’ll see what I feel like doing in the morning. TTFN!


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The Anorak – Part II

It’s Day 1 of my mini Sewing Vacation, woohoo! Bryan is in Dallas and I am doing exactly what I said I’d be doing: spending the day in my jammies, sewing! I should get this anorak completed before I go to bed tonight. I swear, finishing all of the seams takes longer than the entire jacket itself! But, it’s well worth it.


I didn’t want any raw edges around the armscye so I decided to use double-fold binding instead of the HK finish. I trimmed off a scant 1/4″ from the seam allowances and ran it through.


It looks really nice and neat and was so easy. I love the way the shiny dupionni binding looks with the sueded silk/linen!


I also used the binder to make my own cording. Because this fabric is so “grabby” it would have been a nightmare to turn a bias tube and I didn’t have any charcoal drawcord in my stash. This techniqued worked really well so I’ll definitely use it again.


Here’s where I am so far. I still have to hem the jacket and finish the sleeves. The jacket looks really long but, I assure you, this is the shorter length! And the sleeves… Well, to be fair, they probably are perfect when using a blouseweight but they were way too wide for this fabric. I removed 4″ of width and they are still quite full. I’m unsure whether I will cuff or elasticate them so I’ll leave that until last.



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The Anorak – Part I

First, I’d like to thank all of you for making me feel so good about shopping my stash! My stash is huge (around 2,000 yards, I’m guessing – maybe more) because I love fabric. Love, love, love it! I’ve always been good about shopping my stash because sometimes it takes a few years to find just the right project for a treasured piece (I peruse my catalogue before beginning any project). It’s just more noticeable now because I haven’t been buying for the past few months as I am on a self-imposed buying moratorium until I find a job. When I do, watch out, because I sure do miss those lovely boxes waiting on my doorstep!

After looking through my patterns and my pattern magazines, I decided on McCall’s 5635. I liked the Princess lines, inseam pockets and button placket. I have to say, though, that I would give QC on this pattern a big fat D-. The printer and folder must have been acting up the day this pattern was made as I had large tears and a few printing “holidays”. Weird.


I remembered a short length of silver duppioni that I had distressed after seeing Pam’s distressed silk shirts. I had originally planned on making a shirt or lounge pants out of it but I don’t have enough yardage. I’ll be using this for the Hong Kong finish.


Look at all the goodies I found while shopping my Gigi Store this morning! This is why you need to have a stash. You never know when you’ll need some of the cool findings you come across in your travels.


Bryan has a football game in Dallas this weekend (at Cowboy Stadium – he is so excited!) so I had planned an all-sewing weekend. But, as luck would have it, I have to have some unexpected oral surgery this morning. Hopefully, the weekend won’t be a total loss!


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The Anorak – Planning

According to Tim Gunn (in this month’s Redbook) I need an anorak for fall. The fact that I happen to love anoraks had me wondering why I don’t own one.


My first thought fabric-wise was a beautiful turquoise silk from my stash. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that something neutral would be more practical. So I have decided on this charcoal linen/silk blend that came from Maggi’s For Fine Fabrics (yes, years and years ago). I bought these Cartier-inspired buttons at the same time because they looked so awesome together. I’ll have to see what I have in the zipper department but what I’m thinking is a zip-front with buttoned pockets and cuffs. I did consider a button front but, since I’ll probably be wearing this open, these buttons would be far too heavy (and too much bling!) for this fabric. It has been ages since I used a gold button! I think we all OD’d on them in the 80s and 90s but I feel it’s time to glam things up a little, don’t you?


ETA: The only zipper I have in my collection that matches is this one. I’m not wild about it (I was hoping for something with silver teeth, sigh) and will only consider using it if I make a concealed zipper placket.


When I was putting the buttons away I discovered that I also have these in a mini (5/8″) version so a button placket is now an option as well! The two sizes I showed you earlier are on the right.


Okay, back to the Hawaii 5-O marathon on Spike as I tidy up. Did you know that I lived on Oahu when Hawaii 5-O was on the air? I’m not excited about the remake but I am enjoying seeing the original series again!


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