Isabel Marant Jacket – Final

Once I got the pockets in, everything went so quickly! I felt like I was trudging along for awhile there and then, bam!, I was finished. The original jacket had that horrible, puckery, pouffy mess around the neckline (you can zoom in at Net-a-Porter to see what I mean) so I knew I’d have to come up with something else. I decided that a simple 5/32″ piping would be the best way to go and I’m pleased with the result. Actually, I’m pleased as punch with the entire jacket!



When I got to the point of choosing a lining, I was going to go with plain old black and then I found this piece of crepe de chine in my lining stash. Realize that, by this time, I was so deep into this project that I could no longer see the forest for the trees and couldn’t decide if this was crazy good or just plain old crazy. So, I consulted with Ann and Phyllis and it was decided that, yes, it was crazy but we liked crazy.


This is proof that, sometimes, you just have take risks (remember, it’s only fabric). Yes, it’s totally crazy and unexpected but I like it. Besides, a little Michelangelo is good for the soul.


I modified the front facing to end at the raglan sleeve seam for a couple of reasons. First, I didn’t want a back neck facing and, second, metallic brocade is scratchy so I wanted as little of it as possible on the inside of the garment. I used plain black China silk to line the sleeves. I thought cutting up the lining fabric motifs for the sleeves would spoil the effect.



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51 responses to “Isabel Marant Jacket – Final

  1. Bev

    Wow! Really gorgeous!

  2. KathrynT

    That’s not crazy lining – that’s gorgeous lining! Beautiful jacket!

  3. Beautiful jacket! That lining is GORGEOUS. It really pushes the jacket to another plane.

  4. How on earth did you manage to get such lining! Wow!! Maybe a bit crazy but I love it!! And the way you put it in is just amazing.

  5. Love everything about this jacket. beautiful!

  6. That is an amazing work of art! I am in total awe! I love it all- the fabric the lining, the pattern, everything!!

  7. The jacket is amazing, but that lining – I don’t have the words for how perfectly awesome it is. Fabulous!!!

  8. This is gorgeous! The lining is perfect!

  9. That lining is utterly stunning! Perfect for the jacket. I love the way it turned out 🙂

  10. Kathie

    you had me with the outside! …then that FAB-U-LOUS lining!!!! out of this world!

  11. Wow, gorgeous! I was tempted to make something silvery and metallic inspired by Isabel Marant, but have not gotten around to it. I’m so glad you made this so I can sew vicariously through you. And the lining is amazing!

  12. I love that jacket! I’d want to take it off and turn it inside out to show that SUPER FABULOUS lining every chance I got!

  13. CGCouture

    I’m with Erica, I’d be wanting to show off the lining too! 🙂

  14. Colleen P.

    I adore the lining, and I am definitely going to try that on something I make sometime! It really adds a big helping of fun to a very formal fabric, and it’s sometimes just amusing to know what’s under your jacket isn’t what anyone would expect. Love it!

  15. Marilyn

    Love the jacket AND the crazy lining!

  16. Karen

    Your jacket is stunning….the lining really makes it pop…You have mad skillz…..

  17. BethS

    WOW Gigi!! gorgeous. More beautiful than the original. Thank you for sharing the pattern detail–I’ve never noticed (or considered) a vertical bust dart in conjunction w/a raglan sleeve. Makes for a terrific fit. (of course, love the lining)

  18. I loved the jacket closed. Loved it. Once I saw the lining, I was just speechless because it is just so beautiful. Dayum if I wore your size I would be on my way to Florida to jack the piece! Seriously, that is just jaw droppingly beautiful!!!

  19. Wow. This is pretty cool!

  20. Gigi you do a lot of gorgeous stuff, but this is easily be in your top 3!

  21. Sooo beautiful. And what a great fit. I am learning so much by reading your posts!

  22. Gigi, it’s brilliant! I love it! Enjoy wearing it, you will be turning heads!

  23. Amazing lining! Glad you got such good advice 🙂

  24. Jan

    When I first glanced at the page, before reading through it, I thought the lining WAS the jacket. It’s breathtaking, really.

  25. Vibeke

    Another stunner, much better looking than the inspiration jacket. What a productive year this is turning out to be for you. A sign of happiness, I think. And so wonderful for all of us humble followers.

  26. Stunning jacket and amazing lining. I love it!

  27. Oh my word! I love your lining choice. Love, love, LOVE!!! It’s a beautiful jacket and the lining makes it pop all the more… GREAT JOB!

  28. You have another amazing jacket! The lining was a great idea. To me, it seems made for the jacket.

  29. Gail D.

    Gigi, your clothes are beyond amazing! I have boundless admiration for your skills and the way you put fabrics together. The only thing is, I’d really love to see them on YOU. Would you be willing to show at least some of your things on your very own body?

    Gail D.

  30. In a word, stunning. The lining is delicious – the only improvement you could have made is to make it reversible. Still you can practice take it off in a flashy way to reveal the lining.

  31. Tami B

    I LOVE everything about this jacket – especially the lining!!! You make it all look so easy … you’re the most talented seamstress out there – you ROCK!!!

  32. This is an example of “crazy good”! What a neat jacket!

  33. That jacket makes a statement! Love the lining choice.

  34. This is totally kicka$$!!!! I love this whole look, and think what this would have run you – IF you could find it!

  35. summersetbanks

    That lining is fabulous! I don’t think it is all that crazy at all; if it is, it is the good sort of crazy. Great job on all of it, even dealing with the brocade and the fun that comes along with it.

  36. Lindsay T

    Snazzola!!! I want this in my closet. I’d wear the heck out of it. This makes me want to pick up some Milly silk I saw at Elliott Berman just to have on hand for jacket linings.

  37. Rosie

    OK I’m definitely coming to stay with you (and Ricki). Gigi – I love this but then again I love everything you ahve made.

  38. Janie

    I love it! The chest pockets would hav been bulky when the jacket was worn by someone with a generous bust. I agree about not using the ruffle… you are petite and the model dummy is probably 5 foot 10 inches tall, so while I love the ruffle in the photo, I could see it shortening the neck on a petite form. (PS I hate the blouse you so badly want to recreate. It looks like a shirt I had 3 of in different collors that I wore to school for an entire year alternating them with the 2 pullovers I had. I had a small wardrobe and the blouse reminds me of that fact… just a personal bitch!

  39. Stephanie

    I have to chime in with complete agreement – that lining puts it over the top, making it a true work of art. Very nice, congrats!

  40. You are absolutely amazing!! Another stunning jacket!

  41. Cissie Wellons

    FABULOUS! I adore the lining. But then I love everything you make! Your work is impeccable.

  42. Liz

    I went and had a closeup look at the jacket on Net-a-porter. Wow, yours is so superior in every way. And as everyone else has said the lining is an amazing touch.

  43. Darci

    Wow, that is awesome!
    I covet that jacket! LOL.
    Not only have you inspired me to sew much more, and take inspiration from what I see in magazines, etc., you’ve inspired me to quit “cheating” on the interior of my garments and make them just as pretty as the outside!

  44. This is an amazing jacket… Wow!