Simplicity 2508 – Part I

First, thank you all so much for your wonderful (and plentiful!) comments about my HP Riviera Boulevard Jacket and my Isabel Marant jacket. I am so pleased with the way both of them turned out and can’t wait for cooler weather!

I’m already working on my next project, a new outerwear jacket. This is not something I’ll have a need for too often but I like to be prepared. I’ve chosen Simplicity 2508 and a pretty cotton herringbone velvet from Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics because it will go with just about anything. The vintage buttons (which are black IRL) are from my stash.



After I finish this, I am going to start on a black lambskin jacket (Ann is picking up the riri zippers for me when she’s in NYC next month) and then (hopefully) get back to the Milly blouse. Still no luck finding the red chiffon so I will probably have to go with the taupe charmeuse instead. I’m disappointed but that’s the way it goes.


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29 responses to “Simplicity 2508 – Part I

  1. Will these last two jackets mean that you’ve made your 12 for the year?

    • Yes, but I suspect I’ll be going past 12 – there are at least 2 more jackets that I want to make. I figure I’m on a roll so why not?

  2. YEA, I can’t wait to see your lambskin jacket. I desperately want to sew leather, but I am so scared.

  3. Stephanie

    Do you know anyone who dyes fabric? Maybe they can custom make some red chiffon to match or co-ordinate your blouse fabric.
    Also, I remember reading in a Threads issue (several years back) about sewing resources, and they mentioned a company that will custom dye yardage for people, so long as they can provide a swatch.

    • I did think of that but I only need one yard and it has to be poly. I doubt I’d find a company who would custom dye such a small amount.

  4. I’m looking forward to the next installment in your “Year of the Jacket”. It looks exciting! There’s still time to find that red chiffon :).

  5. Colleen P.

    I like that coat, the bell sleeve is very pretty and feminine-which view are you doing?

  6. Oo… I just picked up this pattern a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to see your version!

  7. Olivia

    You might be able to find some red chiffon closer to Christmas. Love that herringbone velvet!

  8. I am also keen to see you make the lambskin jacket.

  9. Very classy. Can’t wait to see it.

  10. Olga

    Oooh, I am so excited you are making this coat next! Please take lots of pictures of your sewing — I am starting on a coat very similar to the white one (but mine is BWOF 09/09/101), so I am hoping to gains some coat-sewing tips from your blog!
    As for red chiffon, have you tried sending swatches to some fabric stores in NYC to see if they have some chiffon to match it? Metro Textiles, Paron Fabrics and Mood are the ones I’d send requests to. Also, the staff at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston (my local store) are super helpful and willing to find things for mail orders, so you can call them and see if they have any red chiffon in stock and send you swatches.

  11. Brenda

    I don’t know what type of red chiffon you are looking for, but has a poly red chiffon. I do not if it is the right weight of fabric for your blouse.

  12. Emmy

    Being in Minnesota, I had to laugh when you called the velvet “outerwear”. It’s cold, rainy, and the temperature has dropped 25 degrees today since this morning. Sigh.
    Your blog is an inspiration and I really appreciate all the time you take to teach us.

  13. I also just got this pattern. I was considering doing the double breasted short jacket version! Great looking pattern!

  14. I didn’t get a chance to comment on your IM jacket below – it is INSANE. I just love it. Thanks for discussing construction you went into – as a beginner, I find these details very helpful (and inspiring).

    Also wanted to say that I simply adore your blog and the projects you make. The only thing I don’t like about it is that every time I click over, I am consumed w/ jealousy b/c I want the piece you’ve sewn in MY closet! 😉

  15. Suzannah

    I so love your blog! I’ve nearly finished version D of the simplicity pattern (the white coat on the pattern envelope) in a beautiful brown, grey and white wool… I have been making it in a sewing class and unfortunately we discovered that the version D collar was 9cm too short – I know you are making a different version but I just thought I would mention that.

    I was so inspired by your IM jacket that I bought a gorgeous Prada gold brocade to do the same – I’m using Burda sewing magazine 8/2010, pattern no 104 as the base, and I’m cutting out the flannel this afternoon!
    I also agree with A Sewn Wardrobe – I’ve learnt so much from your beautiful photos and instructions… would you consider posting a little more information about your placket pattern piece?

    • I can’t wait to see your version! I’d be happy to write more about the placket – which one do you mean?

      • Suzannah

        Sorry to take so long to reply – I was wearing my coat on holiday in NYC! (a very l-o-n-g flight from Sydney!). The placket pattern I mentioned is for the single welt pockets – you showed a photo of the welt pocket pattern from a Judy Barlup sit & sew session.
        I’ve tried to work out the dimensions of the pattern itself (length/height etc, which I know might vary) and how to use it (how does it fold?) but I can’t and my sewing books aren’t much help either. Fancy doing a single welt pocket tutorial in more detail? (I know that is a very big ask right before Christmas but anytime you get a chance, I would love it!).
        Again, absolutely love your blog – you are so inspiring!
        Bw and Merry Christmas, Suzannah.

  16. Kim Nunes

    I made this coat last winter (the version shown in cordoroy). I used a lt. brown wool boucle and left off the pocket flaps. It went together fast and is fun to wear.

  17. I was looking at the coat pattern – its a good one! The stand collar version is fab.

  18. Michael

    I made the green corduroy version of this pattern last year for my wife. Unfortunately, my sewing machine was incapable of creating buttonholes through the shell, interfacing and facing. Now she has a lovely jacket with no closures!

    She loves her jacket and wears it regularly with a belt. She does feel compelled to tell her friends the asymmetrical collar is a design feature not one of my mistakes! 😉

    • meespatti

      If you can, take the coat to a tailor, and pay him to make button holes with his industrial button holer.

  19. Olivia has some red chiffon.

  20. Vibeke

    Oh, how timely. I have this pattern for a grey wool coating. Of course – living in the arctic Norwegian winter I shall need lots of interlining and such, but still looking very much forward to seeing your Florida version.

  21. Michael

    Awesome idea! Thank you!

  22. Bev

    Well, I know we are missing your posts. Please visit us soon.

  23. Lexley

    Hi Gigi,
    Could you please show how you interface your jackets? Do you follow any particular method which is fast and effective?
    Are there any tricks of the trade’ that you use and what type of fusible interfacing is the best? Could you include these steps with this jacket? I am very interested as I am currently undergoing a tailoring course and would just love to know how you execute this. Thanks so much…..