Simplicity 2508 – Part II

I did manage to get everything cut out last night, woohoo! The pattern calls for several pieces to be cut on the bias (which is very cool if you are working with corduroy) but didn’t work out so great with my velvet. The pieces rippled unattractively so I recut them on the straight of grain. Fusible interfacing would have tamed them but this particular velvet didn’t fuse as nicely as I would have liked. Instead, I fused Armo Weft (I still have several bolts of it!) onto cotton batiste and then attached it to my fabric with little dots of glue stick. Actually, my “cotton batiste” was some old Touch of Gold interfacing that I had lying around. I’ll never use it again so I figured this was a good way to use it up.

I completed all of the little detail pieces: the collar, welts, tabs and back belt. Tomorrow I’ll work on the sleeve ruffle and interfacing the body of the jacket. I love getting all the little bits finished and then, voila!, you have a completed garment.


Last week I finally ordered some of the Japanese basting thread that Claire Shaeffer recommends in her new DVD and it arrived today! I found the best price and lowest shipping charges for this at The Sewing Place.


The YKK Excella zips I ordered from Zipperstop also arrived. These will be going on my black lambskin jacket that I hope to make next month.


That’s it for today. I’m saying a little prayer that the rest of my week is b-o-r-i-n-g so that I can finish this project before the weekend!


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16 responses to “Simplicity 2508 – Part II

  1. Bless your heart — what a weekend from hell! If anyone deserves a nice long Time Out in her sewing room, it’s you! I love the subtle herringbone texture on your velvet, by the way. I’m looking forward to seeing yet another of your impeccable creations coming together.

  2. Oh Jeez, what a PITA!! Reminds me of the time the water main to my house broke while I was on Christmas vacation. Believe me, it could have been worse! Yes, camp out in the sewing suite while the workmen are dealing with the plumbing and appliance details. You deserve it!

  3. Criminy! Some Thanksgiving weekend. Over here the whole family had the worst case of gastroenteritis in recent memory. It saved me from missing a big Thanksgiving meal because even 2 rice cakes made me green 🙂 Good on you for working on your jacket, after all of that.

  4. Yikes! You are a trouper. Fantastic that you can block it all out and be productive though! I hope the workmen finish soon and you can have your home back!

  5. You had an eventful Thanksgiving. I’m glad you were able to find solace in your sewing room.

  6. I have some of the basting thread bought from my Japanese pattern making teacher. It is very good. Your velvet jacket looks very interesting. Gorgeous fabric.

  7. shams

    Glad the homeowner woes are mostly behind you! What a DRAG.

    I love those zippers. I am looking for zippers for an upcoming project and I looked at those on zipperstop, but wasn’t sure. They might work!

  8. Kristen

    Yowza – sounds like the weekend from h*ll! Get all that behind you, and get sewing..I have missed your posts and you deserve some me time after this past weekend. What pattern are you using for your jacket?

  9. Colleen P.

    Why do these things always happen on holidays dedicated to food?!?!

    Last year I cleaned my oven in anticipation of Thanksgiving cookery, replaced the drip pans with shiny new ones, went to cook something and the da** thing shot sparks all over the kitchen and went “BANG”. Apparently the new drip pans didn’t fit quite right and turned the whole thing into a big hive of electrical energy which promptly fused all of the connections and turned it into a big cube of scrap metal.

    You definitely deserve a sewing hiatus for that weekend! You kinda got the trifecta there-plumbing, electrical AND appliance failure.

  10. From the look of the detail pieces, the jacket is going to be stunning. Those zippers are to die for! As for your Thanksgiving weekend, it sounds unbelievably aweful. I’m impressed that you can concentrate on sewing such lovely pieces. Have some boring days and happy sewing.

  11. Lindsay T

    Me too! Just bought some Japanese basting thread, though you found the better deal. I like it.

  12. Jeanettec

    HI, I’m a new follower and I have had so much fun looking back over the past months at the jackets you’ve created. You do BEAUTIFUL work. I wish I had started back in Jan. with you. It would have forced to me to actually make time to sew again. I do miss it.

    Sorry about your water problems. At least you got to sew. I’m so glad I found your blog. I LOVE it!

  13. Olivia

    I just had my kitchen sink and master bath tub stopped up. The first plumber couldn’t fix it, the second plumber unclogged the tub and the third plumber unclogged the sink – finally! After almost a week of no kitchen sink was driving me crazy!! I’ve decided not to use my disposal and throw things away in the garbage. My house was built in 1985 and this is the first clog we couldn’t fix ourselves 😦 They said it just builds up over time. Hope you got everything fixed.

    Love your sewing! Can you tell us what pattern you are going to use for the lambskin jacket?

  14. Summerset

    Looking gorgeous, and amazing considering the chaos at your house! I hope that gets fixed pronto. I love those zippers, too.

  15. so glad to see you in your sewing room and getting a break from the holiday-from-h*ll.
    What more could go wrong? Jeez.
    The velevt looks wonderful so far. Smart move to get that thread. I have not gotten around to getting some for myself, must so soon.
    The zippers are fantastic and I can’t wait to watch you sew a leather jacket!!

  16. Here in New Orleans, we look to various Saints to help us with problems. Gigi, I looked but couldn’t find a patron Saint of plumbing so I crossed my fingers instead! I so look forward to your posts…you are in inspiration! When I’m in a sewing conundrum, I ask myself “What would Gigi do”. My favorite so far…the pink corduroy. My goodness, those pockets and bound seams are extraordinary!