Simplicity 2508 – Part III

The sleeve ruffles are done – aren’t they adorable? They will be topped by a buttoned tab, one of my favorite details.


The finishing was very easy as they are fully lined. Although I will probably be using an aubergine lining in the coat I used black here since it will likely be seen and I didn’t want it to compete with the rest of my outfit.


I have the next two days off so I should make some really good progress on this.


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6 responses to “Simplicity 2508 – Part III

  1. Colleen P.

    Oh they really are cute! Line drawings and pictures are one thing, but sometimes you need to see it made up to really appreciate a design detail.

  2. Yes, they are adorable. What a great detail!

  3. Colleen P.

    I meant to ask yesterday-can you give me topstitching advice for the rounded-end tabs? Yours is very smooth and even-do you reduce your stitch length and/or use any device to keep your stitching line so exact?

  4. Rosie

    Looking good Gigi! Did Winnie or Ricki help?