Simplicity 2508 – Part V

Well, I’m not going to finish today but that’s okay. I changed my mind about a few things as I was sewing so that took extra time ripping and recutting. Also, you just don’t realize what a huge time-saver fusible interfacing is! It takes a lot more time to interface your hems when you have to sew it in by hand. Thanks, Vivian, for gifting me this lovely hair canvas!


I used a firm piece of cotton for the back stay.


The back is finished. I took it in a bit at the waistline and now there are a few pulls but I’ll take care of that later. This fabric is pretty forgiving when it comes to ripping.


I have one front sewn. This is where I started from scratch. I had my fronts finished with the welts and I just wasn’t happy with them. This cotton velvet is pretty thick and there was too much bulk with the in-seam welts. So, I made the decision to redo it rather than just finishing it and being unhappy. I also changed my interfacing plan. Originally, I was just going to put weft insertion onto the facings. Now I put it on the front and underlined the side front with silk organza and will do the same with the facing. I will use patch pockets with flaps instead of the welt pockets. I’ll have to look for some other buttons because I don’t have enough of the vintage ones, darn!


This is why I always like to have extra fabric. I know some people grouse about having to buy full yards from some online vendors but I don’t mind it at all. I often change my mind about things as I’m sewing or don’t like the way something looks (remember all the bias pieces I recut a few days ago?) and need extra fabric to recut. I had an extra yard of this fabric and will end up using every bit of it!


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11 responses to “Simplicity 2508 – Part V

  1. This jacket looks so elegant (even in pieces!). There’s nothing like velvet for a really rich look.

  2. Why rush to finish a jacket that you will wear for years. I really do love the fabric.

  3. Vicki

    It is coming along nicely. Beautiful fabric.

  4. Your jacket is looking fabulous. The fabric looks beautiful .

  5. The jacket is coming along nicely. Thank you, that we can be part of the whole process. I’m still learning so much!

  6. Marie

    Your blog has been very helpful to my sewing. I am very interested in how you are going to get the pulls out. Is there a pattern adjustment for this or are you going to do something with your seams?
    Thank you for detailing your steps, for those of us who are trying to improve our sewing construction, it is of great help.
    Than you

  7. Rosie

    Gigi – the fabric is truly coming alive. You continue to inspire me!

  8. linda townsend

    You are such a phenomenal seamtress and designer. Surely with your talent, you should never have to work in the outside world. Can’t you be a Carol Ahles, a Martha Pullen, etc with your talent? I would buy your books, videos, whatnot and attend your classes if they were anywhere close to Charleston, SC.
    You are on my prayer list – you need a lot of God support for your life right now.

  9. Adore adore. yummy fabric

  10. Pam

    I made this jacket last week and you are going to love the way it turns out. Your fabric choice is really nice.

  11. Lexley

    How I wished you did classes here in Brisbane Australia..ok, I can only dream…those students of yours are so very very lucky!!!!