Simplicity 2508 – Part VI

Yes, I’m still laboring along on this jacket but I do hope to finish it up tomorrow. All I have left is attaching the collar, front facing and putting in the lining. My next project is going to be a quick wool duffel jacket (it’s cold!) and, after working with cotton velvet, the wool will practically sew itself! Don’t get me wrong, I love velvet but it’s not the easiest thing to tailor.

Last night I made buttonholes in the tabs and pocket flaps and attached the pockets and flaps. And, woohoo, I really did have enough of these vintage buttons!



I also let out the seams in the back to get rid of that pulling. I had tried to nip in the waist a little too much. It looked fine when I pin fit it but I didn’t have the belt pinned on which made a huge difference.



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16 responses to “Simplicity 2508 – Part VI

  1. Can I just say…You’re my HERO!

  2. Rosie

    Gigi – I cannot wait to see the finished product but so far (as always) it is looking fantastic!

  3. Leslie

    Gigi those buttonholes are gorgeous! Which machine or attachment did you use for them?

  4. Julie Culshaw

    It is such a pleasure to read your blog and especially to see the photos. Your work is just superb, Gigi, I love your attention to the details.

  5. Wow! Velvet is no match for your excellent sewing skills. Your buttonholes and vintage buttons look superb!

  6. I just love this fabric you are using and your sewing is amazing. I am so anxious to see the finished product.

  7. Wow Gigi this one is looking so lovely . The buttonholes are looking fab , as always 😉

  8. The kacket looks lovely so far! I#m looking forward to the the finished jacket!

  9. Marie

    I am enjoying your site as it has become a source of great help and encouragement to me. Your work is professional and your attention to detail is superb. I regret that I live too far to take classes from you personally. Thank you for your detailed descriptions and your great quality of work.

  10. Oh how I envy your buttonholes! That jacket’s gorgeous.

  11. Sue

    Wow! This one is beautiful. It would be great to see it on you. I’m sure you will look fabulous!

  12. The jacket looks terrific so far. Wow, what a great work! And all with a fabric that is so difficult to work with!

  13. Karla

    Your new jackets are blowing me away. Absolutely gorgeous! And if recent and current weather is any indication, you’ll actually get some use out of these this year. Beautiful work.