Simplicity 2508 – Final!

I am finally finished with this jacket, just in time to wear to the football game tonight and (drumroll, please) I get to move the ticker to twelve! But, as I said before, I will be passing twelve by at least one, probably two pieces. Not only did I really enjoy making all of these jackets but they have also really upgraded my wardrobe. A jacket makes even jeans and a tee look put-together, don’t you think? So, I think I may do another Year of the Jacket in 2011!

I am really pleased with how this jacket turned out. Working with velvet, even cotton velvet, requires more patience than most fabrics but it was worth it.



Here’s a closeup of the collar. These vintage buttons are just perfect for the fabric and style, don’t you think? They’ve been in my collection at least 10 years!


Hang chain:


Question: do you ever do something and look at it later and wonder what in the heck you were thinking? Especially something you’ve done many times before? As I started to hem my jacket last night I realized that I sewed the hair canvas into the hem backwards. Yes, I applied it the way you would a fusible, duh on me. Thankfully, it only took a few minutes to correct.



On the side front I wanted the hem to have the same soft roll but didn’t want the stiffness of hair canvas so I used bias-cut strips of cotton flannel (leftover from my Isabel Marant jacket) instead.


The lining in my jacket is Ambiance with a Tahari logo that I purchased at Mill End in Portland about ten years ago. Since I started using silk (especially charmeuse, yum) for linings I haven’t been as satisfied with Ambiance but I will try to use up what I have so that it doesn’t go to waste.


Next up, a quick duffle coat before I get to the leather jacket. It’s freezing here! This will be a fast project as the pattern is easy and I’m using wool (which practically sews itself). The wool will be a joy after working on velvet, that’s for sure.


I was hoping to emulate a Burberry duffle coat (which is double-sided wool with bound seams) and underline my fabric with a pretty plaid wool but no luck finding anything locally. I did find this yarn-dyed Burberry-inspired lining fabric at Cynthia’s so I will just line as per the pattern.


I found these fabulous horn toggles on Ebay HERE. Six pieces for under $8 with shipping! I ordered them two days ago and they arrived today. They are the real thing and beautiful!


Out of desperation, I bought some JHB horn toggles at JoAnn’s last week and they are real horn but they’re laminated (thin layers of horn are glued together and then shaped) and cost $3.59 each. I liked these from Ebay so much (and the seller was awesome!) that I ordered two more sets because I know I want to make another duffle coat somewhere down the line. The shipping was the same for two sets so it was an even better deal. I’m happy to return the others to JoAnn’s – I really wasn’t happy with the color or the quality anyway.



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50 responses to “Simplicity 2508 – Final!

  1. I love the finished coat and the one you’re about to start!! I need to finish the one I started….

  2. “A jacket makes even jeans and a tee look put-together..” Yes I agree. A vest works well too. A carefully fitted cardigan is also a good layer, in my book, but it must not be oversized and sloppy. LOL I heartily agree that a 3rd layer just makes a wonderful difference in the final appearance.

  3. That coat is so fabulous!!!! I love the horn buttons too. I think I may need to get me some!

  4. Oh My your coat is fabulous and looking forward to your duffle coat and what a great pick on the horn toggles.

  5. That coat is great! A variation of this pattern (hadn’t decided yet) is on my to sew list!

  6. Melissa

    Beautiful as always! I’m working on a coat using that same pattern. It’s my first coat, so it’s been slow going because I just want to make sure I don’t mess up. Love you Burberry inspired lining and buttons too.

  7. Julie Culshaw

    just one word – gorgeous!

  8. Lindsay T

    I love it! I am thinking of making a tunic out of silk velvet but am worried as I’ve never sewn velvet before. Now why do you have to live so darn far away?!

  9. Rosie

    This just evil 🙂 but sumptious!! I absolutely love it!! I am hardly done with my muslin of my first coat and you are already thinking about another garment.

  10. OMG! The finished coat is magnificent. I love it! I like it so much that I’ve cut out a coat in the same pattern (not velvet fabric). It will take a while I know because I don’t have your sewing experience. Congratulations on making your Jacket Number 12!! I like your next pattern and fabric, too.

  11. Melissa

    By the way, did you have to lower the back belt piece? I didn’t even pay attention to that when I was sewing and ended up having to lower it several inches – it was way up high on my back.

  12. What a beautiful coat!

  13. Gorgeous!!! I was doing my own little ‘year of the jacket’ run but am out of steam at only 9 jackets. (I did have a baby at the end of August, though.) I’m jealous you’ve reached your goal!

  14. 12, and onto 13 or 14? Wow!
    The front seaming details are beautifully executed. It’s elegant, but fun with sleeve cuff poofs.

  15. Love the coat. One of my favorites you’ve made this year.

  16. Sue

    This one is such a beauty! You continue to be an inspiration.

  17. It is beautiful! Each element just enhances the next and makes the jacket amazing!

  18. Dotty Ivey

    What a beautiful jacket! You will certainly be the diva of the football game! Good luck to ya’ll…My team (where I teach) is the Lakeland Dreadnaughts… maybe we’ll be playing each other next week in Orlando!

    • Dotty, that’s what we are hoping for! But, one game at a time and tonight we want revenge against Manatee – fingers crossed. 🙂

  19. That fabric is just beautiful and I know corduroy requires a fair amount of special handling. Really nice job.

  20. Drsue

    Wonderful job as usual Gigi. I really need to make up a new jacket or two. You are very inspiring.

  21. The jacket is terrific. I am sure that the velvet was a challenge but you finished it like a champ. You are inspiring, makes me want to start one now. Love the pattern.

  22. greytone

    I think your work is impeccable and have been following your blog for a long time. This note is just to thank you for admitting to putting in the hair canvas the wrong way! I use this technique frequently, yet I stared and stared at your photo and by the time I went to bed had concluded that I had been doing it the wrong way!

    This comment is not to disparage your work in any way, just a way we can laugh at how quickly we catch our errors now! That’s what comes with experience and wisdom that comes as time passes! (smile)

  23. Another gorgeous jacket for your wardrobe! I agree that jackets can transform a pair of jeans into a great outfit, but I think it’s been about a year since I made one and its time for that to change! Your 12 jackets will give me inspiration!

  24. sewing spots

    Beautiful jacket!

  25. The finished coat is lovely! I really love the duffle coat pattern picture, where is it from?

  26. Wow! Gorgeous jacket.

  27. Gorgeous , you have made yet another beautiful jacket . I love the velvet it looks so luxurious.

  28. Marie Roche

    Your work is definitely hight quality. Thank you for showing so much detail, it is very helpful. Do you do any basting as you work to get your work to look so professional? Do you have any sources you would recommend that would help improve the quality of the work?

    Thank you

  29. marciae

    I really like that pattern – jacket looks great. I do have that pattern and plan on making the view that has only one button and the different collar. I’m going to try and do a jacket a month – I love jackets and wear a lot of them. Thanks for the inspiration
    marciae from SG

  30. Susannah

    Wow… Am running out of superlatives to describe your jackets! This is beautiful…

  31. Kerri

    I bookmarked you because of your jackets. I am in AWE. Am taking my own jackets that I’ve sewed to the Goodwill and am aspiring for better in the future! Inspirational.

  32. Vibeke

    Seconding Susannah

  33. Cindy

    Just lovely, Gigi! With the weather we’ve been having here in FL, you finished it just in time. I’m still working on my one and only jacket for this season and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get it done. I don’t know how you get so much accomplished.

  34. Gorgeous! And congratulations on your year of the jacket. Complete. And any extras will be encores!!

  35. Kathy

    All your garments are amazing and this is no exception! Thanks for showing us all your work. I do have an off-topic question: is there a particular cover stitch machine you would recommend? I may be purchasing one and don’t know where to start or how to evaluate them. It would just be for home use; no need for an industrial machine.

    • Thank you, Kathy! If I were in the market for a home coverstitch machine I’d buy the Babylock BLCS, hands down. It’s exceptionally reliable, there are lots of industrial-style attachments available for it and it has jet air threading.

  36. summersetbanks

    Gorgeous! I love that duffle coat pattern, too!

  37. Susan

    Your work is very beautiful!

  38. You will be wearing this fabulous jacket for years to come. Your workmanship is so commendable – it inspires me to make better garments.

  39. This jacket is so BEAUTIFUL! I love the collar, the sleeves, and you’re right, the buttons are perfect.

  40. Janice

    Hmm. I have also stared at the canvas interfacing. And I don’t see what you mean by backwards?

  41. It’s the perfect finale to the year of the jacket!

  42. The coat is beautiful.

  43. Cissie Wellons

    Adore your jacket! Actually, I covet it! But that’s the case with almost everything you make!

  44. Wow!!! Love that Simplicity jacket – very, very nice. Great fabric, but love that high collar. May have to do that one for myself, and love the hang chain feature. It’s it fun how we can do all these little add-ons that make our clothes so fabulous! Very, very nice.

  45. summersetbanks

    Fabulous – it looks so rich and warm. Just right for wearing anywhere.

  46. Fabulous jacket. Wow, great work!