The Year of the Jacket 2010 – in Review

I will probably finish one more jacket yet before the end of the year but I thought it would be fun to look back at what I have already completed. I know some people were concerned about joining the Stitcher’s Guild sew-along for 2011 because they thought they’d have to make 12 tailored, lined jackets – not so! While I love making them, they are not really wearable here during the warmer months. A jacket can be as complicated as a notch-collared style with welts and hand padstitching or as simple as a linen shirt jacket or jean jacket. There are no rules so join in – the more the merrier!


#1 McCall’s 5984


#2 McCall’s 5984


#3 Simplicity 2443


#4 Simplicity 2443 (modified)

#5 Simplicity 7715 (vintage)

#6 Simplicity 2443 (modified)


#7 McCall’s 5860


#8 McCall’s 5635 (modified)


#9 Simplicity 5440 (vintage, modified)

#10 Hot Patterns Riviera Blvd. Jacket


#11 Simplicity 4109


#12 Simplicity 2508

#13 Burda Style 10/2009 #109
duffle coat


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44 responses to “The Year of the Jacket 2010 – in Review

  1. sewforward

    It is wonderful looking at your jackets! I followed your course this year just fascinated at the techniques you employed and how each jacket is so unique and beautiful. Most of all I enjoy seeing your expertise marrying fabric to pattern. Thank you for sharing your sewing journey.

  2. All hail the queen of jackets!

  3. Sally

    What lovely work! What pattern did you use for Jan. and Feb.? TIA, Sally

  4. Terry

    You will never know how much I look forward to your postings. My day is always brighter after seeing your work. You are the BEST. Thank you

  5. Dei

    I love each and every jacket you’ve crafted. What marvelous work and look how productive you are. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Rosie

    Simply the best! Thank you for your inspiration! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and all the best for the holiday and even better for 2011! Looking forward to your future creations!

  7. They’re just so beautiful to look at. Sew inspirational!

  8. Wonderful work, and in addition, I’ve never seen a complete wardrobe of jackets ever before.

  9. Wow! It’s so impressive to see them all at once. You realize how much excellent work is reflected in these 12 awesome jackets! And to imagine that you are working on your 13th one and planning on making more in 2011…awe-inspiring!!!

  10. Helen K

    Lovely work, Gigi. I am so impressed by your work and the details. How do you know how to do all of this stuff? Working with fabric and leather, the list goes on and on. I may have missed a post, but how did you get such good skills. Self taught or did you take many courses?
    Happy New Year. Now what are you going to do next year??

    • Thank you, Helen! I am mostly self-taught but have attended a few lectures/classes over the years (slim pickings here in south Florida!) and I like to read a lot. I pretty much read and watch everything I can because there are so many things I don’t know yet (and that’s my favorite thing about sewing). 🙂

  11. Stephanie

    What a stunning collection of jackets, I have watched gobsmacked as jacket after jacket emerged from under your various sewing machines and have really so enjoyed seeing the way you transform pattern and fabric into fabulous jackets. Your students are indeed lucky to have you as their teacher.

  12. It’s good to see them all on the same page . I am so impressed you are just so fast and sew everything beautifully.

  13. Wow! I’ve been following your Year of the jacket and I am really impressed. You are so fast and yet all the details are precise and wonderfully made. Seeing all of your beautiful jackets in one post even makes it more impressive.

  14. Rebecca

    Seeing them all gathered together is jaw-dropping. You do such amazing work. Thanks for sharing all that you do on your blog. You are truly an inspiration.

  15. Ren

    I find this incredibly inspiring. I fear jackets, but you are moving me in that direction. Thank you

  16. Mary Beth at Yarn U iPhone app

    It’s hard to believe it’s been a year…Congrats on all those jackets…maybe this will inspire me in 2011?

  17. Susannah

    You are a wonder!

  18. Yeah….. respect the stitch. You are my idol. I have favorites. Is that allowed? The pique is my number one. Second is the toggle coat. I would fight you for both of them.

  19. sewingkm

    I’ve been faithly following your blog since February so I’ve enjoyed all your jacket posts. They are all fabulous but I particularly like #6 and #12. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge.

  20. I love this post … All are beautiful.
    Congratulations Gigi, your work in a work of art.

  21. JoyJoy

    Fantastic to see all your beautifully sewn garments, it is so inspiring. It gives me the push to keep sewing and working on my fitting and sewing skills. Thanks for sharing in your posts, so well done!

  22. Gail D.

    One thing about sewing that really bugs me is the Burda magazine patterns. I cannot afford to subscribe to the magazine, but I love so many of the patterns. Is there any way that someone like me can get hold of them? I know they download some of them to, but not all of them. Thx for any info.

  23. Really impressive Gigi! I am inspired to make some jackets! Your sewing is also inspiring; your jackets are gorgeous.

  24. Sue

    Stunning! You should be proud of your wardrobe and your skill.

  25. All are lovely! congratulations and thanks for a wonderful idea for the new year. You certainly have a lot of people following.

  26. Vibeke

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work through this year. I especially appreciate the way you so often make up your favorite patterns several times.

    The finish on each and everyone just looks so perfect. Yes, your student are very lucky to have you.

    Wishing you all the best for a peaceful Holiday with your loved ones and a happy new year 2011.

  27. sharon

    Your jackets/coat are insiring !!!!! I LOVE #2 – the fabric and the style !!! wonderful.

  28. Liz H.

    I am just blown away by your skill! You must have lots of friends waiting for your castoffs!


  29. Summerset

    How nice to see all of them at once. My favs are the red/white piped jacket, the grey anorak, and the duffle coat. I am thinking about joining, not exactly sure yet. If so, I’ll wait to put the buttons on my new coat until Jan. 1!

  30. I love looking at all your jackets, being reminded of the ones from early in the year and the update of the recent ones as well. They are all just beautiful.

  31. These are gorgeous. It’s been a pleasure reading about them. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.

  32. wow! i think i love miss may the best!

  33. I enjoyed seeing the 2010 jackets in one place. Impressive!

  34. Thanks for putting them all together here. Inspiring! Love seeing how you got multiples out of one pattern.

  35. Hi Gigi, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year and watching your incredibly crafted garments grow and take shape.
    Here’s a question for you – any sources for Patrones or Manequim mags in the Miami area? I have a friend travelling there for a couple of weeks. Thanks, Sue

    • Thank you, Sue! I wish I could find any of the European pattern magazines locally but I haven’t found anyplace locally that carries them. 😦

  36. Wow, you’ve made some amazing jackets. They all look beautiful and so well made!

  37. My goodness. All of the are superb. Congratulations to a wonderful of the Jacket.