Never Say Never!

I have always said that, when it comes to printing .pdf patterns, I need a remedial class. No matter what I do, the patterns never seem to print out at the correct size and I waste hours of time, kill a tree or two, and end up with nothing. So, years ago, I filed .pdf patterns in my Life’s Too Short folder and moved on. Until today, that is. But then, who could blame me? How could I pass up this little bit of deliciousness on Burda Style?


Oh sure, I could have found something similar in my vast pattern collection or just drafted it myself but I wanted *this* pattern. So, patiently I sat printing out test square after test square until I got it just right. Twenty-eight pages later, I am ready to tape! I don’t think I’ll be making a habit of this but I’m happy that I was able to get it right (or so I hope!).

Now, I just need to find the proper over-the-top trimmings and put this one in my jacket queue.

1/5/11 ETA: Okay, I feel like an idiot! Elizabeth commented that she thought this jacket was in the Burda Style magazine a few months ago. I didn’t remember seeing it but I had misplaced both 9/2010 and 10/2010 so I tore my house apart last night and and, lo and behold, there it was in the October issue. Looking at the photo now I can see why it wasn’t very memorable. I think this may be one of the worst garment photos I’ve ever seen in Burda Style. It looks like some weird jacket with suspenders.


I have decided to make this in black wool crepe which I’ve now washed and dried three times – it’s so yummy soft now! I bought the petersham ribbon today but I’m really going to have to put my thinking cap on when it comes to the embellishments. This requires nearly 6 yards of trim and anything as heavily embellished as what Burda used would be cost prohibitive so I’ll have to make my own.


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24 responses to “Never Say Never!

  1. Gail D.

    Maybe I’m just being a dummy here, but what are those straps going across the chest for? Are they actually straps or what? Thx.

    • They are straps, probably intended to hold the front of the garment in position. I’m not sure I’ll be including those. They have a bit of a “bondage” feel to them, haha.

  2. Elizabeth D


    Did you know that this pattern was in a recent Burda Style magazine? Two or three months ago, but drafted for tall figures.

  3. I love it! I’ve been avoiding pdf patterns too. I hope we’ll always have envelopes.

  4. CGCouture

    I never print out my own patterns, I live in small town USA and have a print shop nearby–surely you do too? It makes it soooooooo much easier! Give that a try next time–there are way too many cool patterns to download to avoid them! 🙂

    • Well, I guess I’ll have to go over to Fed Ex Office and see about that! Could be dangerous though…

    • TE Carter

      Absolutely hit your local FedEx Kinkos or other print shop. I’ve had oversize things printed there and saved my sanity, toner cartridge and paper. The paper was 36″ across, and the images were between 36 – 50″ long – all for about $8.00. Well worth it!

  5. Hatty

    Yes, I am so glad you are going to make this because it’s on my list too but I am hesitating because of the meaning and possible functionality (or non-functionality?) of those straps. I mean, if they’re not necessary, I’ll make it, but if they are – I’m not so sure. I’m awaiting your version with bated breath.

  6. Ooh I love this jacket and I’m waiting for someone else to make it! Not that I’m a chicken.. its high summer here.

  7. Meet me in New York and we can hit the trim stores together! 🙂

  8. Every time I decide I want to embellish something I add up the cost and say not this time. I couldn’t figure out what those dumb straps were either. But won’t the amount of embellishment diminish if you leave out the straps? Are you doing another 12 jackets?

    • Well, I’d love to embellish it with Swarovski sew-on crystals and beads but, it’s just not feasible. I think I’m going to go with heat-set nailstuds. I’ve used them before and they are reasonably priced and look good. I’ll wait and see what to do about those odd straps. And, YES, I am doing another 12 jackets!

  9. That’s a nice jacket. I look forward to the awesome one that you create!

  10. SewOm

    I’m curious – how do you wash your wool crepe?

  11. vernonfashionstudio

    Interesting pattern! I am looking forward to seeing more about it.

    Linda T

  12. Ann

    What temps do you use to wash and dry to avoid felting?


    • Any of the soft wools are going to full when washed, some more than others. I have a front-loader so it will never full anything as well as an agitator washer. I washed on cold and dried on the highest setting three times.

      You can wash most of the hard wools like gabardine without much change to the fabric. But, I would always wash a sample before committing to the entire piece. HTH!

  13. Marie Roche

    How are the sizes determined? I could not decipher their size chart. What am I not reading properly?

    • I could not find any sizing info for this pattern on their site so I just gave up and cut the smallest size figuring it is either a 34 or 36. The one in the magazine is a tall but the one from the site doesn’t appear to be. I am going to cut a test garment tomorrow since this one is tough to tissue-fit. I will report back on the sizing this weekend!

  14. I had your reaction when I saw the photo in Burda. I may take a second look.