Embellished Jacket – Final

This jacket really went together very easily and quickly. If you eliminate the trim it would be an afternoon project. Here are the changes I made (or would make next time around):

*Shortened body by 2″ (not a usual adjustment for me)
*Shortened sleeves 3.5″ (I usually shorten 1″)
*Narrowed the shoulders 2″ (they were just too overwhelming on me)
*Raised the sleeve cap 1″ (it was much too flat once I narrowed the shoulder)
*If I made this again, I’d use a fitted shoulder and standard sleeve. As much as I want to like the dropped shoulder, I don’t and think a fitted shoulder would give a neater, slimmer appearance to contrast nicely with the front drape.
*Eliminated the crossover bands. They are supposed to control the drape but I’d rather train the folds (much as you would a drapery or Roman shade) than have to fuss with them. If your fabric refuses to be trained, a few well-placed, hidden stitches would do the job.


All in all, it’s a wonderful pattern to showcase a double-sided fabric or even a bulky sweater knit. I’m very happy with the embellishment. It gives me that over-the-top look that attracted me to the original jacket without being stiff or heavy. I rarely embellish anything so this was a fun departure from my usual work.

Some of you have asked about the hot-fix studs. They are 10mm silver donuts and 10mm grey squares that I purchased from Qiagraphix on Ebay. I highly recommend them! Their prices are excellent and I received my order in two days (from California, no less!). BTW, so you don’t overorder like I did, you need 84 10mm studs (placed close together) per yard, per row.

So, what’s next? Well, I’m trying to decide between the leather jacket and the navy duffle coat…


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55 responses to “Embellished Jacket – Final

  1. Goodness that is just stunning, Gigi. Beyond fabulous!

  2. Wow! I did not love this jacket in the magazine, but your rendition is just gorgeous! Those rinestuds look machine placed they are so perfect. I want one!!!

  3. gorgeous! not only did you solve the trim question within a reasonable budget, you did it very quickly! Sometimes, I get lost in Ebay or Etsy, looking for things. How do you do it? You have a knack for sourcing just the right buttons, toggles, trim, etc.

  4. Wow! That is utterly amazing! I’m taking a page from your book. I’m going to knit 12 sweaters in 12 months and journal on my blog! Gulp! Here goes!

    • That’s a much tougher challenge! I’ve been knitting the same scarf for several years and doubt I’ll ever graduate to a sweater.

  5. What a great mix of classy gal and rocker chic in the same jacket!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous and thank for you for the link for the hot-fix studs.

  7. Great job. I’m definitely making this up, sans trim.

  8. I love it! It looks like a 500 dollars jacket but yours probably exhibit better craftswomanship 😉

  9. Els

    Your jacket looks fabulous and stunning, thanks for sharing the process how you made it.

  10. Stunning! Thanks for sharing all the details. I’m glad to hear the straps are not necessary.

    I plan to use a red/charcoal double faced wool for this jacket for my Australian winter. Its great to see your comment about this fabric being suitable!

  11. I love the embellishment on this, it takes a simple garment to a whole new level, fabulous!

  12. Gorgeous. What pattern is this?

  13. Phyllis has fainted from delight

    • cidell

      Second. Seriously Gigi. Is there anything you can’t do? I’m not an embellishment person. But, am flabbergasted that you did this all by hand. It’s such a great, chic yet bike tough look. Love it.

  14. Lindsay T

    Um, like, wow, Gigi! C’est magnifique. You’ve outdone yourself in execution and creativity.

  15. Mpressive Threadz

    WOW! Simply GORGEOUS!

  16. The finished jacket is incredibly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  17. The jacket is absolutely stunning!

  18. Man, send some of your mojo my way, would you? That’s so beautiful.

  19. I usually just enjoy reading your blog and rarely leave comments but I had to leave one to say how beautiful this is. The embellishment work just takes this jacket into fabulousness.

  20. Oh my, that is just so beautiful and I love the way you created the embellishment. You have the best ideas, and you pull them off with such aplomb.

  21. margyh

    WOW…this is beyond fabulous…thanks for all the details…I think there will be one hanging in my closet soon…

  22. Love it! What a fabulous jacket. You’ll as lot of wear and a lot of fantastic compliments as you wear it! Looking forward to seeing your leather jacket (hint hint!)

  23. I seriously hate you right now! No, seriously! Because that jacket is so amazingly fabulous and it’s living at your house instead of mine! *LOL*

  24. Gigi, I’m not sure how you’re going to top this one but you have 11 months to try. I love everything about it. It’s beautiful.

  25. shams

    I love love this jacket, paired with this embellishment. I bet it will be so much fun to wear!!

  26. Auntie Allyn

    Holy cow, that jacket is fantastic!!! You are going to turn EVERY head when you wear it!

  27. Jennifer

    Beautiful!! Love it!!

  28. Susannah

    Mind blowing jacket! Have to ask… Is all that hardware heavy???

  29. LisaB

    Really stunning, Gigi.

    I went back and looked at your Never-Say-Never post and noticed that this pattern came in tall sizes. That probably explains why you had to shorten it more than usual.

  30. Rose in SV


  31. Heather aka Bunnykins

    That is such a gorgeous jacket!

  32. AZ

    This is so beautiful and chic! I love it!

  33. summersetbanks

    Oh, just as I thought, fabulous! You know, as I was reading your list of changes, it did come to mind that this was a Burda Tall, as LisaB already pointed out when I read the comments.

  34. Stunning. Love the way it sits at the front. Too cool!

  35. Holy Cow – this is gorgeous…I can only imagine how long this took. I’ve done beading before and it takes for-e-ver! Great, great look. Love it!

  36. Marie Roche

    Would it be possible for you to show what the pattern adjustments are to narrowing the shoulders and raising the sleeve caps. I have some patterns where I would love to do away with the dropped shoulder look but am not sure how this is done. Thank you so much for your detailed explanations.

    Marie Roche

    • Marie, the only way to get rid of the dropped shoulder is to redraft the shoulder/armscye and sleeve. All I did was make the dropped shoulder less severe by essentially bringing the seam up a bit higher. Next time I use this pattern I will be changing it to a fitted shoulder.

  37. I LOVE this! I have to dig out that issue and take a look at this one. Your embellishment really pushes this one over the edge into the realm of couture. Gorgeous!

  38. Linda Seguin

    OMG Gigi ,you out did yourself, that jacket is gorgeous!!! I just love what you do , you see a pattern and make it your own ,love your work. P.S I am back in town signed up for your class can you email supply list desires,I got one from Cynthia but the store personnel was not sure if that was and old one or new list. I will need to order M2718 can not find it local but I want to make sure that is what you want us to have , plus the lovely checks material. Thanks. I am excited to see the rest of this years jackets if this is number one.

    • Don’t bother getting the gingham – I’d better call the store to see what’s on that list! The basic is fine if you want to do it and bring any other patterns you want to fit.

      • Linda

        Ok, so I do not need to get the fit pattern, I can bring any PP pattern like a blouse,not oversized and work on that ,sounds good if I understand ,you are going to assit us to jump in :)Thanks

  39. Gigi…This jacket is so far beyond amazing.
    You and your talent are genius !

  40. I totally love this jacket! Wow, what a great work.

  41. Amy

    wow! This is gorgeous! It’s amazing!!!! i want it 🙂


    Really love your take on this jacket! It’s a simple pattern but your exquisite construction and details made it level up to couture!

  43. Sydney

    I am obsessed with this! Have you ever sold any items that you have made? I need a jacket for a photoshoot and this one is AMAZING so if you have any tips on where I can get one similar I would greatly appreciate it!

    • I have sold items that I’ve made but I think I’ll be keeping this. 🙂 Perhaps you could hire a dressmaker to knock it off for you.