Faux Fur Vest – Part I

Between Summerset’s adorable, casual faux fur jacket, Tany’s high-fashion jacket with removable collar and the fur vests I’ve been seeing so much of lately I’ve been having some serious faux fur envy! Alas, there isn’t anyplace locally for me to buy really nice faux fur so I had filed that idea away for later. But, last night I was cleaning my sewing room and found a large remnant of pelted faux mink that was taking up quite a bit of space and I thought, why not make a faux fur vest?

I happened to have the same pattern that Summerset used (Burda World of Fashion 12/2007 #122) and I liked the fact that it had darts so I figured I could just omit the sleeves and line the armscye to the edge. I traced off a size 36 and made a 3/4″ FBA and my usual forward-shoulder and swayback alterations. The shoulders on a 36 are usually too wide for me but on a vest that’s actually a good thing so I didn’t narrow them.


So far, I have sewn the shoulder seams and attached the collar. I cut the fronts so that the facing fold line was on a peltline, figuring it would give me a cleaner edge (which it does). If I wear this closed, the CFs will not match. But, I figured that I would never wear this closed anyway so I’d rather have a full peltline at each edge. I have never sewn with faux (or real) fur before so I’m just assuming that the CF would normally be on a peltline – am I right?


I didn’t have enough fabric for the collar so I cut the undercollar from black Ultrasuede. I had dark brown in my stash as well but the black looked much better (the flash makes the fur look lighter than it is IRL). You can faintly see the casing line for the drawstring along the top edge.


I am not planning on putting in the pockets as per the pattern. I had thought about adding in-seam pockets but I doubt I’d ever use them. If it’s cold enough for me to need to use them I wouldn’t be wearing a vest, right?


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14 responses to “Faux Fur Vest – Part I

  1. Wow, it’s fabulous! I’ve only worked with faux fur once years ago and faintly remember something about gently pulling the nap out of the seams. It looks like a real mink vest 🙂

  2. Karen de Vries

    If anyone is interesting in fabulous faux fur, check out EmmaOneSock.com She has a number of pieces at the moment, however her fabrics sell out with lightning speed. The faux fur is a bit on the pricy side, however compared to the prices for the same thing in the New York fashion district, EmmaOneSock prices are a steal. I copied her tips for cutting faux fur and posted them below:

    “Tip for cutting most faux furs: Cut with the wrong side up and slip your scissors through the backing only—do not cut through the fur! This will preserve the look of the fur at the cut edges and will also prevent the fibers from shedding and getting all over your workspace”

  3. Very nice. I have faux fur coat on my list for winter sewing.

  4. summersetbanks

    Thanks! Yours looks great, and reminds me that I have some very nice and expensive white channeled mink leftover. Probably enough for a vest. LOL, I don’t think I need a vest, though, well maybe. I shouldn’t think too long about that. Anyway, yes I eliminated the pockets and thought about side seams ones and decided against both, too.

  5. Looks excellent. Was it very messy to sew with?

    • Not really. I traced the pattern onto the knit backing and cut through it only so the only mess comes from clipping the excess fur from the seam allowances (which I’m doing right over my wastebasket). Don’t you think Cathy might like a faux fur coat?

  6. Awesome. You are just on fire with the amazing projects lately!

  7. This is looking good! I don’t know anything about using furs. So I can’t help with your question, but I do like what you’ve done so far.

  8. Lindsay T

    So on trend, Gigi! Love it.

  9. Olivia

    Wow! I’ve been planning my vest for a couple of weeks and you just whip everything up in a day! I vote for the pelts being on center front just like you did them. Your vest looks great!

  10. Do you know any interior designers or decorators? There are some beautiful faux furs from trade-only home dec fabric sources like F. Schumacher & Co. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful high-end drapery fabrics at the design center that would be amazing for suiting, too.

  11. Oh how cool looking! I like the ultrasuede for collar, better than two layers of the fur. You are really smokin’ right now with the fabulous projects.