Fur Collar & Cuffs

I am so glad I went with this fur instead of the longer-haired one because I think it looks so much better with the denim. The collar went together very quickly and easily. I once again used the black stretch satin lining from Gorgeous Fabrics. What a pleasure it is to sew!


Instead of using buttons and loops to attach the collar, I attached it with small snaps (seven in total).


After losing one of the jacket’s original buttons last year, I replaced them with these Paco Despacio sterling and lapis buttons from my stash. I think they still work so I’m going to leave them.


You can see how the diagonal patches at the collar point hide the original collar very nicely.


The cuffs are just straight strips of fur faced with the same lining fabric. I couldn’t use snaps here (they would show if I wanted to wear the jacket plain) so I used large diagonal basting stitches instead. The stitches are hidden inside the turned back cuffs. Notice that I made the cuffs a little wider than the jacket’s cuffs. Fur cuffs should not be wimpy. 🙂




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22 responses to “Fur Collar & Cuffs

  1. Oh, I love this look. I need this!

    I’m glad you explained about the buttons. They’re fabulous and add even more luxury.

  2. Looks good! I like this fur on the denim!

  3. just a spectacular jacket! Be sure to lock it up when you’re not wearing it.

  4. Vmar

    This is awesome!! I love faux fur!!! and the jacket is a really nice length to carry the heavier collar.
    If you have any fur pieces left over might want to make another pair of cuffs with elastic sewn to the back to wear on sweater leeves. I bought a pair years ago and they dress up cardigans, turtlenecks and knit dresses. They stay in place quite well and I have very tiny wrists.

  5. The jacket looks really fabulous with the new collar and the buttons just enhance the luxuriously casual look. Beautiful

  6. sew5280

    Love what you did to this jacket – it is very sharp looking! Really nice!

  7. Too fabulous for words Gigi!

  8. Gorgeous – love the fur with denim

  9. The fur details really dress up the denim. I love “detachables”.

  10. JoyJoy

    This is a really cute idea to jazz up a jean jacket! I really like how the collar can be removed and you could make others as well to change the look. Compliments on the great photos & explanations you supply on all your posts. Thanks

  11. Maria Olshin

    You made this brilliant, fabulous, exquisite jacket and now you’re laying tile??? You’re too much! Can I be you when I grow up?

  12. A really good jacket, stylish and oozing luxury. You just can’t buy this kind of quality of great styling today. Making your own is the only option.

  13. bonnie

    Love your embellished jacket… have been looking for a longer denim jacket such as this-any ideas in where to look for a RTW jacket like this nowadays?

    thank you, bonnie

    • Thanks, Bonnie (and all)! I bought this jacket about 5 years ago at Dillards. It was cheap (about $40) and I liked the fact that it belted. It would be really easy to duplicate if you can’t find one.

  14. bonnie

    Thanks f


    thanks for the quick info… I will keep my eyes open for something similar.. your sewing info on the blog continues to inspire and educate me further in my sewing endeavors. Thanks for your time…

  15. This is so pretty and feminine… but not very Florida! The oranges will shrivel if they see you in it 🙂 You’ve customized this jacket now so much with new buttons and now fur, it’s really your own. I bet the new fur trim sets off your hair and eyes nicely.

  16. Summerset

    Love the update and the fact that it is removable! The belt was really nice, too. Quick, easy and just the right accessory.

  17. I love how you DIY’d this and took it from kewl denim jacket to AMAZING!

  18. BEAUTIFUL job, Gigi!!! Love the final result!

  19. Estee

    Hi Gigi,

    Do you teach anywhere in Ft.Lauderdale?