Faux Mink Jacket – Part I

My Tissavel faux-mink arrived from EOS today and, after a couple of pattern modifications, I’ll be ready to cut into it. I tried to photograph the fur but my pictures suck since my granddog ate my good camera. Hopefully, it’ll photograph better on the mannequin than it does laying flat on my cutting table.

I wore my faux fur vest to the movies on Saturday night and decided that I’d like the collar to be a little more exuberant. I lowered the neckline by 2″ in the front and added the necessary amount of length to the collar (which, oddly enough, was also 2″). Here is the paper pattern pinned together onto Ethel, I’m pleased. The red lines are the original cutting lines and the black ones reflect the modification.



I would really like to add some vertical pockets to this jacket so I’m working out how to do that without adding a seam. I guess I could use matching Ultrasuede and make welt pockets. I picked up a vintage Persian lamb jacket at a thrift store on Saturday and it has interesting pockets bound in petersham.


Even though I prefer faux fur I had to rescue these poor little lambs! I originally bought it so that I could recycle the fur but it actually fits me nicely and looks really cute on so I may make a new faux-fur collar for it, something a little more edgy. I don’t think I’m quite old enough to wear Persian lamb with a mink collar, maybe in 30 years!


The first thing I did was rip out the lining, padding and shoulder pads. It is amazing how most of the musty odor is in the fabric components! I put them into ZipLoc bags so that I could refer to them later when I’m relining the jacket. Check out the manufacture date on this piece, it’s in wonderful condition for it’s age. The skins are very soft and supple and there is only one small tear which will be very easy to repair.


The monogram in this jacket was exceptionally pretty. I may copy it!



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10 responses to “Faux Mink Jacket – Part I

  1. i can’t wait to see your jacket come to life!

  2. Lindsay T

    OMG, that is exactly my sister’s monogram.

  3. I am sure the end result will be fabulous!

  4. I’m positive Anne would be thrilled that her jacket has given you such joy and creativity, and delighted it is serving as the starting point for an inspires update.
    How will you ever concentrate on tiling a bathroom with such fun waiting in the sewing room?

  5. Just yum…Cant really say more.

  6. I feel the same way about persian lamb – why is is it always an old lady fur? And that beige mink collar -oy!

  7. Deb

    Gigi, I love that you find vintage clothes with an eye to possibly using some of the amazing details on them, like the petersham-edged pockets. I buy up a lot of old furs at thrift shops and have used them to make collars for cardigans and jackets. Lately it’s been so cold that I’ve been wearing my mom’s old mink coat, despite the looks I get in this Midwestern college town!

  8. Rosie

    Ooh divine – certain people want their own mini version! Be nice now.

  9. So nice, astrakan and mink, al false…I did a bag in a nice mink either false!

  10. The faux mink jacket sounds exciting. I can’t wait to see it!! What a lucky find you made at the thift store!