Faux Mink Jacket – Part II

I finished cutting my jacket out last night and now I’m kind of stuck on the the collar. The pattern has you cut the collar with the nap going out towards the shoulder. The more I looked at it, the more it looked like it was going to fly away! Upon examining the mink collar on my Persian lamb jacket, I noticed that it was seamed at the center back with the nap going forward. So, I cut a new collar tonight (this is why I always buy extra fabric!) and I think I like it better but, darnit, I’m not sure.

I’m going to set the collar aside for now and work on sewing in my interfacing and stay tape. That should keep me busy for tonight while I mull things over. I suppose my other option would be to recut the collar on the bias!

Original collar:


New collar:


Bias collar:


Feel free to offer opinions!


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41 responses to “Faux Mink Jacket – Part II

  1. I like it much better with the nap coming forward. Oh, so luxurious!

  2. I really love the original!

  3. Sally

    I agree with Robin–coming forward. Second photo.

  4. Terry

    According to the pictures I like the original collar. I think it might have a softer feel around your face and neck.

  5. I like both to be honest, but it really all depends on how it’s going to feel. I’d try it on and see what you think with it around your face. It’s not just about how it looks but how it feels. That’s the best I can suggest

  6. Lauren

    I like on the bias.

  7. I agree with you, I like it much more with the collar fur-nap going in the same direction as the bodice though I know absolutely nothing about sewing fake fur!

  8. C. Schnuelle

    I like the second picture with the nap coming forward and running the same direction as the rest of the vest. This is going to be gorgeous!

  9. AnnB

    Actually I sort of like the original too. I’m watching your fur sewing closely as I’d like to make a collar cover for my peter pan collar winter coat. Let us know what you choose as inspiration (i.e. shamelessly copy you).

  10. Karen

    I like the collar with the nap going forward. It flows with the grain of the jacket and visually moves with the nap…look much more professional

  11. Belinda (Sew-4-Fun)

    Another vote for nap coming forward.

  12. LOL I have to admit I see what you mean by the original “flying away”

  13. my fave is the bias cut collar the other two look kinda forced.

  14. Marilyn Lefholz

    I think I like the bias the best, second choice the recut collar, last original

  15. Dei

    I like the original. More dramatic.

  16. PetitePear

    I like the bias one the best, but not by much since they all look just fine. If any of them feel better than the others, that’s what I would go with.

  17. Mmmmm. I see the “flyaway” effect. But I don’t dislike it. Second collar looks too……uniform.
    I would sleep on it. Try it on for size. Snoop shop if you need to.
    (Okay- I tend to be overanalytical)
    Looks fantastic so far…

  18. Hi Gigi

    I like the bias.
    :)Deb M.

  19. Laura

    I like the bias the best.

  20. I like the bias best seems more natural somehow – asd if that’s the way it’s supposed to lie? The other 2 look too regimented/forced IMHO 🙂

  21. Tie for bias and forward collar, recut comes last.

  22. Gigi…I like the bias, but my oh my any way you choose to go, what a luxe garment you will have !

  23. Definitely nap forward. It seems to flow into the rest of the jacket better and strangely, it seems to sit into the neckline better too! Either way, what a showstopper that jacket will be 🙂

  24. Marie Roche

    The bias collar seems a bit more relaxed and appears to flow with the rest of the garment.

  25. Auntie Allyn

    My vote is for the bias collar.

  26. My vote is for the nap coming forward. Have fun!

  27. RobbieK

    I like the bias collar best. The coming forward one would be fine if I hadn’t see the bias one!

  28. cheryl

    bais for sure. I cut my sleeves and collar both on the bais for a fur coat I made. It looks more rich looking

  29. I like the bias best. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the faux fur. I’d like to make a jacket for myself. It looks better than most I’ve seen.

  30. laura

    bias collar for sure!

  31. I vote for the bias. Its the story of the 3 bears all over again. The first one is too bizarre, the second one is too boring, but the third one is just right.

    That’s my 1-cent worth of opinion anyway!

  32. Nancy

    I much prefer the new collar! This is going to be a grat jacket! I almost wish it weren’t going to be 75 degrees today.

  33. It’s a tough choice, but I think I like the collar on the second photo better…

  34. Renee

    I like the nap coming forward. What pattern are you using?

  35. Martha

    I like the second collar best, unless you are going for the “flying nun” look (original collar). Overall, this is a beautiful looking jacket. Great job!

  36. Cissie

    Anything you do is bound to be a winner, but I prefer the bias collar. Can’t wait to see the results.

  37. Carol

    I really like the bias, thanks for your blog!

  38. ruth

    i like the first collar. i have a bought faux mink jacket from 1978 and the collar is cut so that the fur runs this way. however my jacket has a smaller ‘stand-up’ collar, not as exuburant as this one.

  39. I like the bias collar, although the first doesn’t look so bad. I see what you mean about “fly-away”, though. I checked the nap of the mink on my opera-collared coat, and it was forward. However, I think the bias looks the most natural with the faux fur. I love the look of that fur, BTW.

  40. Mary Ann

    I vote for the bias-cut collar, but I agree that how it feels should count for a lot.