Faux Mink Jacket – Part VI

It’s been in the mid-80s for a number of days so I haven’t felt like working on the jacket as much. But, now that I’m in the home stretch I am anxious to get it finished. We have a cold front coming through mid-week so maybe I’ll even get to wear it! I swear, my garden doesn’t know if it’s winter or spring these days. My trees are dropping their leaves and blooming at the same, sigh.

The last bit of inner construction to be finished before putting in the lining are the fur hooks. I used an awl to make a hole large enough for the hook to pass through (If you are using fur with a knit backing you could make a small snip) and then stitched it on securely from the inside.



From the outside, all you see is the hook portion.


The lining has been assembled and attached except for the hems. This rayon brocade practically screamed my name when I stopped into JoAnn’s for a thimble (yes, I broke down and bought one). I rarely bother to look at their fabric but there it was, right on the aisle in one of my very favorite color combinations.


Rather than sewing the bust dart in the lining, I opted to simply fold it. I saw it done this way in a ready-made fur coat and thought it not only looked nice but provided a bit of wearing ease as well.


Another detail that I copied from a ready-made jacket (in this case my Persian lamb) is a pleated piping along the back neck edge. I am assuming that this piping served to protect the fur from soil and wear. I think it’s a pretty and luxurious detail, don’t you?


Once I finish up the hems, I think I’d like to work on a couple of quick and easy projects before moving on to my next jacket. A palate cleanser of sorts!


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17 responses to “Faux Mink Jacket – Part VI

  1. That lining is PERFECT! You’re absolutely going to look like a million bucks sporting that fur jacket.

    I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Oh Gigi! It’s turned out beautifully! The lining you chose is the icing on the cake.

  3. 80 degrees?! I am so jealous…we haven’t cracked 45 in ages!

    Your coat is turning out beautifully– I love the lining fabric!

  4. The hook looks perfect! And the lining is spectacular. I so hope you get your cold spell. This will surely be a pleasure to wear. It’s great they are selling such beautiful faux furs now.

  5. Outstanding jacket with a fabulous lining

  6. Rosie

    I’m loving it! The lining is beautiful and the pleated edge adds that special touch.

  7. Yum, the lining is gorgeous.

  8. vernonfashionstudio

    Love the dart idea! And the lining fabric too.

    Linda T

  9. Olivia

    Wow!! Beautiful! Love the pleated edge. I have seen darts sewn that way in blouses in RTW. I think it’s a great idea. I never did like the look of a bust dart – especially when they are pointed in the wrong direction!!

  10. Wow, your fur coat looks gorgeous! I LOVE the pleated neckline, what a beautiful detail and the lining is absolutely perfect!

  11. Beth

    Once again, Beautiful! You are an inspiration.

  12. cidell

    Oh, I LOVE the brocade lining!!

  13. Els

    Your new faux fur jacket looks fantastic inside and out, hope you will get some colder days to wear your jacket. Or maybe a trip to Aspen.
    Faux fur seems to be going a trend next winter.

  14. Stunning. Inspiring. So glad I found your blog!!