Faux Mink Jacket – Final!

I stayed up last night and finished the hems and lining, bring on the cold front!




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33 responses to “Faux Mink Jacket – Final!

  1. *gasp*
    This is amazing. Where did you get the faux fur? I googled but didn’t see a vendor easily. It is totally to-die-for. congratulations!

  2. Auntie Allyn

    OMG, this is just fabulous!! I hope you just love wearing it . . . hope that you find some cooler weather so that you can do so!

  3. Oh my, it’s simply gorgeous! What a luxuriant & luscious lovely you’ve created. Well done :)!

  4. Marji

    Fabulous! Oh, I miss sewing. Love the jacket and really appreciate the tutorials. Sigh…someday. Leave the tutorials up indefinitely, ok?!

  5. That’s just beautiful!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful!

  7. Beautiful! I commented on SG about your coat. I sewed fur in the 80s and I swear, I still find hairs lurking about!

  8. Gorgeous! I do hope that you get to wear it a lot.

  9. Wow! It’s gorgeous!! I believe it’s even cool enough to wear it in Florida now.

  10. I’ve been reading your progress posts and you did an Outstanding job…. The coat is absolutely Gorgeous.

  11. joan71

    Oh my, that is one lovely garment, inside and out. I am going to keep in mind the idea of the fold vs dart in the lining….why not.

  12. It is stunning! Great job!

  13. pendlestitches

    Absolutely beautiful. Very chic!

  14. ruth

    this looks so luxurious – the bias collar was the right call.

  15. Linda

    Beautiful, and just in time for our cold weather. Well done as usual. Enjoy.

  16. You need to model that on the runway. Seriously, if you modeled that on the runway, the orders for that same jacket would be in the thousands. If you showed them the lining and the special touches you gave that jacket, it would become the most sought after garment of 2011.

    Your Gigi original fur jacket is perfection!

  17. Gorgeous. I love it. It looks so real. And that lining is TDF.

  18. Mechelle

    That turned out so pretty, very cozy looking – I hope we get several more cold spells so you can wear it!

  19. Oh, I have two questions… How do you pre-treat faux fur? And if I need to use a zipper, do I just insert it as I usually would or is there a special faux fur way to do it?


  20. Awesome and stunning Gigi!

  21. I cannot add anything which hasn’t been said before. This is one great jacket. And Kudos that you tackled the messiness of faux fur.

  22. Lindsay T

    Yet another stunning creation from the house of Gigi! A+++!

  23. Stunning Gigi! Just stunning! And thank you for all the fabulous tutorials. I’ve been reading along but not commenting. I’ll need them when I finally get to my own faux fur coat.

  24. Summerset

    Congrats, just gorgeous!

  25. Deirdre

    Absolutely gorgeous. Bet you look great wearing it!

  26. I am SO in love with this coat! What an inspiration…so beautifully constructed.

  27. This is absolutely gorgeous!
    I’m in the midst of making one myself
    and it’s the same color as yours =)
    Any tips and suggestions??

  28. Sara

    Beautiful! That is truly impressive.