Jalie 2320 Gray linen trucker jacket – Part I

I love a trucker jacket and Jalie 2320 is one of my favorite patterns for this style.

I made this in red linen a few years ago and it’s been well-worn and is now ready for retirement.

For this project I chose a charcoal Irish linen and Cartier-inspired buttons. For the seam binding, I am auditioning two silk duppionis and a metallic polyester organza. I’m leaning towards the organza but we will see how cooperative it is going through the binder!

First up: all the little pieces. Pocket flaps were first. Because I want them to be twins rather than cousins, I mark the stitching lines. I often make a template out of manila paper to make it easy.

Next up was the collar. After pressing all of the seam allowances open, I graded them. Note that I do not trim across the collar points. Instead, I fold the seam allowances on the stitching line and turn the collar out over them. This makes for a nice point without weakening it. Note: this method will not work well on very pointed collars as there isn’t enough space in the point for the folded seam allowances.

I did cut the under collar slightly smaller than the upper collar before sewing but I like to roll the collar as it will be worn to see if there is any addition trimming that needs to be done. I ended up trimming off an additional fat 1/8”.

Lastly, I stitched the waistband tabs, gave everything a good press and then topstitched 1/4” from the edge. Next time, I will continue with my favorite part: the fronts and front pocket.

Parting shot. My little mini is getting so big. Jess is loving fatherhood!


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8 responses to “Jalie 2320 Gray linen trucker jacket – Part I

  1. Lorna C Newman

    I love this pattern… made one thar my daughter skillfully borrowed and never returned. I used slotted seams for a neat twist. Have never lined one, though… sounds very lux!

    • It feels so good to be back! I never considered slotted seams, wow. Now that is a great idea for some denim I just bought from Ann that has camo on the backside…

      • Lorna C Newman

        Works great on the vertical seams. I did a black denim with a bias stripe in the seams. Provided a smidge of additional ease as well across the boobs & back, too!

  2. Sally Ickes

    Great description of your process. Your garments always look so professional. And—it’s nice to see a post from you again!

  3. Jan

    Hey Gigi – I have always loved your work. How FANTASTIC to see a post from you today. Welcome back and looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    Gorgeous jacket by the way – but to be honest I am more focused on the fact that you are BACK rather than the jacket. Once I have calmed down after “seeing” you again I will go back and carefully read your post !

    Jan ( from Scotland)

  4. Meredith S Piatt

    I’m pretty excited. I didn’t know you were sewing, let alone blogging. Great to see these fantastic details again. I’ve learned so much from you over the years.

  5. Lisa Laree

    I have some red denim intended for that same jacket. Hmmm….
    So glad to see you’re posting again!!!!

  6. So good to read a post from you. I love that pattern and think I bought it after your recommendation and made one for my niece. I need to make one for me.