Burda Style 09/2016 #115 Bomber Jacket – Part V

It’s been another busy week and I am still not sleeping. Consequently, I haven’t done much sewing until this weekend.

The zipper has been installed and the fronts and back have been joined.

I took the side seams in 1/4” and may take them in a bit more. This style has a lot of ease which can easily overwhelm me.

I am also toying with the idea of adding some random beading. This bead collection called ‘Natalie’s Mix’ from Alabama Channin goes very well with the colors of my jacket.

However, after making a small sample, I have decided that I really only like the bronze colored beads and maybe the occasional dark sequin. The light sequins and beads jump off the fabric and make it look too busy. What do you think?


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2 responses to “Burda Style 09/2016 #115 Bomber Jacket – Part V

  1. danvillegirl

    Gorgeous jacket to be! I agree the darker beads lol the best IMHO.

  2. Vicki Maiorano

    The fabrics are so gorgeous I think that is enough. No need for beads.