Burda Style 09/2016 #115 Bomber Jacket – Part VI

It’s been slow going here. Still suffering with insomnia so I haven’t trusted myself to do too much sewing. I felt kind of energetic today so I thought I’d get the collar and cuffs attached, at least.

This is really nice, medium-heavy rib knit that I ordered from Pacific Trimming. It’s the perfect weight for a light jacket but not heavy enough for an outerwear jacket.

I am glad it’s starting to come together. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel up to attaching the waistband then I will have to set this aside for a bit, which I *hate* to do but I’m doing a sew along in the Hot Patterns FB group and our deadline is Thanksgiving! I don’t like starting something new before I finish but I’m so anxious to wear this jacket so I think it’ll be okay. 🙂

In the past when I’ve sewn with leather, I’ve used paper clips or binder clips to “pin” things together. I bought these cute little Clover clips on a whim awhile ago – I think they are for quilting – and they worked so perfectly here!


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8 responses to “Burda Style 09/2016 #115 Bomber Jacket – Part VI

  1. Lisa B.

    The jacket is really coming along. Can’t wait to see you model it!

    The ribbing looks like a nice quality. Did you purchase it recently or have you had it in your stash for a while? I’m always on the hunt for good ribbing.

  2. Abbey

    I love your interpretation of this patterns-so lovely….and nice to see you blogging again. :). Abbeysews

  3. Lisa B.

    Thanks, Gigi. I’ll check them out.

  4. Gigi, I feel a bit stupid asking you this, but to receive notice of your posts, do I just check the box “Notify me of new posts by email” on WordPress, or do you have another sign up somewhere that I can’t find? I have known of you and your sewing for a long time, and just recently re-found your blog. You are an amazing seamstress/seamster (can’t bring myself to use more modern terms), and I really appreciate your sharing your skills.