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Coming attraction: Burda WOF and Milly silk!

Woohoo, I found the silk I was looking for! I made this tunic from Burda WOF back in 2005. At the time, I wasn’t so sure I liked it on me but last summer I wore it all the time (blame it on the Magic Closet!) with shorts and wished I’d had a couple more. When Ann described the silk to me I knew it would be perfect for this pattern.


Ann found this at Metro last summer and knew I would love it. She is very good at picking fabric for me! The printed border will look beautiful along the opening edge and for the ties.


Last week when Ann had her 2-year anniversary sale, I also bought this beautiful cotton lawn for yet a 3rd version.



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Organza-edged lingerie elastic

So many of you have asked about the organza-edged elastic that I felt the need to talk about it some more! Here is a close-up photo of it used as a sleeve finish on another garment. I believe I bought this particular one at MJ Trims in NYC a couple of years ago but I’m not 100% positive. It’s a very pretty and super-simple way to finish a neckline. Just serge it on, turn in and topstitch.


I did a quick search on Ebay for “organza elastic” and came up with quite a few auctions for it: Ebay auctions so it’s readily available. You might also do a search for “ruffled elastic”.


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Heavy Metal

One sure-fire way to make me squeal with delight is to take me to a store full of designer-worthy handbag hardware! Diva Phyllis, Diva Ann and I scoured the bins at Pacific Trimmings at 218 West 38th Street in Manhattan, not once but two days in a row! I LOVE their inventory and the owners and staff are nothing short of delightful! They also carry Riri zippers and will shorten or otherwise modify zippers while you wait. Phyllis had a separating zipper modified to a closed-bottom for a handbag.

Honestly, I thought I’d faint at the site of these gorgeous push locks – they are as nice as any you’d find on a pricey Marc Jacobs bag. If you go to NYC, this place is a must-see. Allow yourself plenty of time to browse. Their telephone number is (212) 279-9310.


The little silver rings in plastic bags are screw in grommets – they are a nice size for both handbags and garments.


Aren’t these the prettiest strap connectors and clips? You won’t find anything like this at the chain stores!


I also found this really interesting ruched organza insert. I’d like to try to use it around the neckline of a knit top.


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Embroidered cotton from Kashi

When Diva Ann was in NYC with fellow sewing fanatics Carolyn and Barbara, she found this beautiful embroidered cotton voile for me at Kashi’s (Metro Textiles).

The colors look a bit off in the photo, I’m afraid. The red is a very deep red and the green is a light olive. I know this doesn’t look like “my” colors but my eyes are a bright olive green so it works very well for me – good call, Ann! I receive lots of compliments every time I wear olive so I’ve vowed to add more to my wardrobe. You really can’t see it very well but the fabric is embroidered with gold metallic thread. This will make a great shirt.


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Metro Textile samples

I received these samples from Kashi this week. These are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous cottons! Unfortunately, they are not my color. 😦 The shirred fabric is a very delicate voile (or gauze) and is elasticated. The pintucked fabric is cotton batiste. They go together beautifully! If you’re interested in these, you can give Kashi a call at 212-290-0418. I’m not affiliated with Metro Textiles – just a very happy customer!


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Package from Kashi!

I love ordering fabric from Kashi at Metro Textiles in NYC! Where else can a Sewing Diva get top-quality fabric at discount prices *and* receive personalized service? Once Kashi knows what you like you can expect to receive calls to alert you to new inventory. Isn’t that great? Here’s what I received today:

Swiss-cheese eyelet in white – 6 yards: I will save this for next summer. It’s destined to become a full-skirted wrap dress.

Brown eyelet – 3 yards (with 6 more coming!): I’m planning on making a skirt out of this. I envision something fitted through the hip and full at the hem. Although it is October, it’s still pretty hot here so I’ll be able to wear this for awhile. I’ll make a dress out of the 6 yards I have coming from the 2nd shipment but probably not until next Spring.

Waves eyelet – 3 yards: This I bought sight unseen, Kashi made it sound so pretty. I’m going to make a shirt out of this – it’s really even prettier than I thought it would be. A white eyelet shirt will go with so many things!

I was so excited to hear that Kashi had some good-quality cotton eyelets. I’ve been looking for them all summer! Except for the nice black piece I bought from him this past Spring, most of the other eyelets I’ve seen have been pretty awful – poly/cotton with horrible stingy embroidery. Oh, I did find a gorgeous broderie Anglaise for $200/yd but passed on it. Kashi’s eyelets were $14/yd for the whites and $10/yd for the brown – such a deal! I know he is again out of the brown, but I believe he still has the whites. He also still has some of the beautiful brown velvet eyelet I bought a few weeks ago. Call him at (212)290-0418 8:00-6:00 Monday-Friday, Eastern time. Reasonable shipping rates too!

Yesterday afternoon a little bird flew into the French doors in my living room. It managed to bounce off the glass and grab onto one of my patio chairs. I was a little worried about it because it was obviously pretty stunned. Here in the photo you can see how it’s little eyes are mere slits. It stayed like this, motionless, for several minutes before shaking it’s little head and opening it’s eyes all the way.

My four cats were quite entertained by the little bird. It was pretty funny to see them all lined up against the doors watching Kitty Television. I was so relieved that it was alright and able to fly away a few minutes later.


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