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Heavy Metal

One sure-fire way to make me squeal with delight is to take me to a store full of designer-worthy handbag hardware! Diva Phyllis, Diva Ann and I scoured the bins at Pacific Trimmings at 218 West 38th Street in Manhattan, not once but two days in a row! I LOVE their inventory and the owners and staff are nothing short of delightful! They also carry Riri zippers and will shorten or otherwise modify zippers while you wait. Phyllis had a separating zipper modified to a closed-bottom for a handbag.

Honestly, I thought I’d faint at the site of these gorgeous push locks – they are as nice as any you’d find on a pricey Marc Jacobs bag. If you go to NYC, this place is a must-see. Allow yourself plenty of time to browse. Their telephone number is (212) 279-9310.


The little silver rings in plastic bags are screw in grommets – they are a nice size for both handbags and garments.


Aren’t these the prettiest strap connectors and clips? You won’t find anything like this at the chain stores!


I also found this really interesting ruched organza insert. I’d like to try to use it around the neckline of a knit top.


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No more flying snips!

My friend Greg gave me this really strong ceramic magnet to use as a seam guide when he was out of the regular magnetic seam guides. Apparently, he removes them from broken industrial motors. When I wasn’t using it as a seam guide, I had pushed it off to the side of the machine bed and discovered an even better use for it: to hold my thread snips! Now, when I sew really fast my snips won’t go flying onto the floor. I already added one to my serger and hope to eventually have one on all of my industrials. It goes without saying that a magnet should never be used on a computerized machine, but you already knew that.


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Another New Dress – Final

I had the house to myself today so I was finally able to finish up this dress! First, here is a close-up of the button and loop detail I added at the center front. The buttons are vintage mother-of-pearl. I think they are going to want to face whichever direction suits them so I’ll just have to deal with that. I originally wanted to use covered buttons (covered in the main fabric) but I couldn’t find any small enough.

I decided to extend the front band around to the back on this version since I was using contrasting fabrics. I think it was worth the extra effort.

As you can see, I decided to use the main fabric for the hem band and use more uncorded piping to accent the seam. The more I thought about it, the more I thought I didn’t need that horizontal cut at the hemline. I’m short enough as it is. 🙂

Here’s a closeup of the bodice. I’m a little annoyed with myself. I ended up having to let out the bodice 3/8″ for extra length over the bust (different fabric, different fit) and didn’t think about the fact that I’d need to add an extra button and loop. By the time I noticed my mistake it would have required many hours of reverse sewing to correct so I decided to leave it as it is. Hopefully, no one will notice.


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