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Pink Brocade Jacket

Since I so often wear the silver Isabel Marant jacket that I knocked off a few years ago, I thought I’d make myself a summery version.

It’s mostly assembled, zipper installed, welt pockets done the and neckline piping is basted in.

The single welt pockets are lined with Symphony broadcloth which I much prefer to lining fabric when making any kind of inset pocket.

The entire jacket is underlined with lightweight flannel that I’ve prewashed in hot water and dried on hot three times. I like the loft that it gives to the brocade without adding too much bulk. Next, I will catch stitch all of the seam allowances to the underlining just to keep them nicely in place.

I had selected this gray and white striped silk from my stash for the lining – and have already bound the edges of my facings with – it but now I’m not sure.

Otherwise, I’ve been wanting a hand sewing project to work on so I’m collecting the necessary supplies for a Sashiko- embroidered denim blazer. That should yield many, many hours of hand sewing!

Parting shot: meet Han Solo, my newest sewing cat. He has already wrapped the big sewing room in a thread web whilst I was busy cutting cupcake toppers on my Silhouette. It was necessary to cut my way out of the sewing room but, thankfully, he has no interest in eating the thread. Anything made of paper, however, must be kept out of his clutches.


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Saturday Update

The Simplicity jacket is all cut out and interfaced – ready to sew. I hope to get started on it this weekend. I probably won’t get much done because I do have to give my bedroom a good cleaning. It’s amazing how much dust manages to get through even with the doorway sealed off. I think that may be why I’ve been coughing so much all week.

We are down to the studs in most of the bathroom.


The WC still looks really bad. I guess the walls were yellow when I moved in 22 years ago. I had blocked that out forgotten.

My friend Tom is coming over this afternoon to help me with the niches in the shower. Right now I have this arched one and want to replace it with two rectangles for more storage. I’m sure the tile installer will appreciate not having to make all of those cuts. My friend Jim – who does high-end bathrooms in multi-million dollar homes – says my soap dish is very lame. I think he should come shopping with me.


The exterior plastering is done!


On the agenda for the weekend: buying new faucets, building niches and deciding on a tile layout. Oh, and a soap dish of some sort.


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